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My dream vacation to Maldives

Wong Tze Yan, Zelie (250634539) - assignment 2

Zelie wong

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of My dream vacation to Maldives

The natural beauty of blue Ocean
which country in the world is best known as the "natural beauty of Blue Ocean" ??
Alright Alright! You are getting thereee! Need some hint?
Coming to the very basic question. WHERE is this beautiful island?
It is located in the Indian Ocean and the southern tips of Sri Lanka

Thank you for watching!
Wong Tze Yan, Zelie
The main language spoken in Maldives is Dhivehi, however, English is also recognized as their second main language. (Most speak fluent English in hotels and tourist areas). It shouldn't be a big problem traveling there!
In Maldives, the annual temperature is around 29 degree Celsius. Its hot, humid and dry. As the island is so close to the sea level, high rainfall will cause the whole island to flood. Therefore the best months to travel is between December to April. however, the holiday season in Maldives never ends!

Best resort to stay ?
I was born in Hong Kong, one of the most crowded cities in the world.
Although moving to Canada makes my life a little bit more quiet, living in another country with sunshine and white sand beaches is like a paradise to me!
I was born in Hong Kong, one of the most crowded city in the world
but well... i guess this would not happen. Therefore, i have decided to choose Maldives as my dream destination for my vacation!
Where does Maldives locate exactly?
It is located in the Indian Ocean, and southwest of Sri Lanka
One and Only Reethi Rah resort
This resort is located in the center of the island, which require about an hour to take a luxury special yacht for all the tourists to get there wooooo!
Living in this resort will give us the best luxury life we have never had. The best viewing to the beach, having our own swimming pool, hot water tubs in the room. What more can you ask for in here?


Being one of the most famous country which attracts millions of tourists every year, an overwhelming majoring of the international visitors who have been there stated that the holiday has met their expectation!
Tourists rating in Maldives
What's the best time to travel?
There are around 1900 individual islands in Maldives, however, only about 200 of them are currently inhabited and less than 80 of them have developed into tourist resorts
Islands In Maldives...
Things to do in Maldives
In Maldives, there is no ending to what we can do in the water. Snorkeling is the most popular activities in Maldives, second by diving.
The abundance of marine life under the water which include more than 70 of beautiful coral reefs, 700 different species of fishes and other aqua marine life. Some of the interesting ones include the tuna, butterfly fish and the mating octopus have attracted millions of tourists to go for a visit every year!

Snorkeling in Maldives in relatively cheap which allow us to enjoy and witness the nature of coral reefs and different marine life. The ocean's temperature is around 27 - 30 degree Celsius, which is perfect for underwater activities!
The maximum depth we allow to dive in is not to exceed 30 meters. Most importantly, we don't need to be professional diver in order to participate in this activity!
water skiing
fly boarding
jet skiing
banana boat
All other kinds of water activities ...
Maldives Crisis
The highest distance in Maldives from the sea to the ground is less than 3 meters. However, 80% of the land actually lies below 1 meter above the sea level. The natural environment of Maldives itself is highly vulnerable to the rise of sea level and periodic flooding due to storm surge. With this rate of rising sea level, most of Maldives islands are expected to disappear under the water by the end of this century.
The language
Transportation in Maldives
After all these plannings...
Hotel x 5 nights = $ 3000
Flight (round trip) = $ 1500
Food/Activities = $ 1000
Others = $ 800

The cost for the entire trip including everything is estimated to be around $6000 CAD!
At the end ...
After doing all these massive research about Maldives, i am sure i have prepared more than enough for my trip to Maldives. I can't wait to get there right now especially when i am staying in this cold country! TIME TO GOOOO!
In Maldives, the main transportation is by boat to move from island to island. This special boat is named as the "Dhoni".

A larger version is known as the Dhoni cruise, which is used to carry tourists/guests around the islands
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