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5 Seconds of Summer

No description

Carmen M

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

Calum Hood
Calum Thomas Hood was born January 25, 1996. He has a mother, a father, and a sister named Mali Koa Hood. When he was younger, she was the musical one, always blasting music from her room, and he was the sporty one. When he was in Year 7, he played football(soccer) and his dream was to walk next to Liverpool and be a professional football player. But that all changed when Michael said, "Let's make a band."
Ashton Irwin
Michael Clifford
5 Seconds of Summer: The Beginning
Ashton Irwin is the drummer of the band, and the last one to join. His birthday is July 7th, 1994. His mother is Anne Marie Irwin, and his siblings are Harry and Lauren Irwin.When he was younger, he could swim very well. But once the band started, and the schedule started getting hard, he stopping swimming. His father left him when he was two, and he never came back. The only real dad he's had is his grandfather, and he's actually said his role model is his grandpa.
When Calum, Luke, and Michael were all in school together, Calum was best friends with Michael. Calum had also met Luke before, but Michael hated Luke for some reason, They don't even know why. Luke was posting covers of songs on YouTube, and one year Michael saw them and realized he wasn't a bad guy after all. Then one day, Michael went up to Luke and asked "Want to start a band?" and Luke agreed. Then somehow Calum wiggled his way into their party, so it was them three for a while. Next came along Ashton. They sat down together, and realized they didn't have a drummer. Michael knew a guy named Ashton in town from a party. He messaged him on FaceBook and asked if he could come "audition".He responded quickly and they made a date to meet up. Calum was in Brazil, playing soccer, at the time they were supposed to meet, so it was just Michael, Luke and Ashton. Before they performed at their first gig at a hotel, Calum came two days before and performed. After they performed their songs and covers of songs, Calum literally got down on one knee, like he was proposing, and asked for Ashton to be in the band, and that is how 5SOS came to be.
Luke Hemmings
Before 5sos had the YouTube channel, Vevo, they made their own music videos. Now, they have Vevo to help make music videos, and also some other things :D
Here is some of the things they've done with Vevo:
When they were younger, they would post covers on YouTube of songs that they liked to sing. Here are some of them. Warning: the fetus is real.
And some musical covers without Vevo:
Some of the songs they've never released(except Just Saying, Unpredictable, Too Late) a studio version of are:
Teenage Queen was going to be their song, but they sold the rights to a Korean boyband, so it's not their song anymore.
Some of their songs that are released are:
Just Saying
Everything I Didn't Say
Never Be
Don't Stop
The Only Reason
She Looks So Perfect
Good Girls
Heartbreak Girl
Out Of My Limit
Social Casualty
Heartache On The Big Screen
Beside You
"Shipping" the boys means that we put one and one together because they have a bit of a bromance moment. While you see the bromance moment, you put their two names together in a mash up of one words, then you yell out the name. It's very simple. As you can definitely see some bromance moment in mostly Muke, but there are some other moments also. The most popular ships are Lashton, Muke, and Cake :D
"The ship has sailed!" - Pewdiepie
Some of their inspiratons for making a band is Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, The All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte, and other bands that were pop-punk, punk rock music genre.
All Time Low
Green Day
Good Charlotte
The All-American Rejects
Calum + Luke = Cake
Michael + Calum = Malum
Ashton + Calum = Cashton
Ashton + Luke = Lashton
Ashton + Michael = Mashton
Luke + Michael = Muke
(Muke is pronounced: mewk- like Luke but with an M)
2. Music
There were many more bands that they loved, I just forgot them because there's so many. :) :0
Fall Out Boy
We The Kings
Panic! At The Disco
Their music is a pop-punk kind of music. They want to be just like their favorite bands, and they've gotten to write some songs throughout their album. Some examples All Time Low and the Madden Brothers.
Here are some of their tracks.
One of their early years, they got to be an opening act for the band Hot Chelle Rae. It was a big step for them at the time, because they went from 1,000 people to 100,000 people in one stadium.
After that tour was done, Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction tweeted one of their covers when they were younger. The same with Niall Horan from the same band. 5SOS instantly got a lot of views on their YouTube covers. They knew that they had to release some of their own music soon.
One Direction wanted 5SOS to tour with them for an opening act. 5SOS knew that it was a good way to get noticed- of course, touring with one of the biggest band in the world. But, they didn't want to be known as Australian One Direction. They wanted to be a punk rock band. (They're not there yet.)
But they accepted. That's when they realized they really needed new music.
The first One Direction tour they went on for an opening act was "Take Me Home" tour. After that tour was done, One Direction invited them on another tour, which was "Where We Are" tour. Now, finally, they have their own tour that's coming up. The first show is May 4, 2015. :D
One Direction
(when Zayn was still the band) D;
Concerts :D
This was the concert in Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2014.
Instagram Videos/ Keeks
Here some of the interviews that they've had. I picked some of the funniest. :)
On May 4th, 2015, it was their first concert date of their tour. They performed a new song on stage, that will be on their new album which they announced will be published in the late year. It's called "Permanent Vacation." It's a really fun song, so here it is :D
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