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Robert Burns

The Ploughman Poet

Sophia Simran Lloyd

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Robert Burns

By Sophia Frank, Lloyd Padmore and Simran Singh
Robert Burns
Ae Fond Kiss
To a Louse
A Red, Red Rose
Ae Fond Kiss
To A Louse

Eight stanzas
Romantic Ballad
Theme: Be cautious and humble in order to save oneself from being embarrassed.
Tone: Humorous,
Vast amount of imagery and personification

written in 1791 as a letter
Initially thought to be a love poem
Title represents the passion and hopelessness in love
Ae Fond Kiss Analysis
three stanzas
rhyming couplet
lyrical poem
Theme: Loving someone so dearly but ending in heartbreak and sorrow
Tone: passionate, solemn, loving, despair

“Star of hope”- metaphor
“deep in heart-wrung tears”- personification
“sighs”- onomatopoeia
“groans”- onomatopoeia
12 couplets and rhyming throughout the poem
“farweel”, “forever”- alliteration
“dark despair”- alliteration
“dark despair”-imagery
“Nancy”- allusion
“twinkle lights me”- imagery

Samuel J. Rogal- positive
Ronnie Young - negative

“He found the perfect poetic environment for the universal themes of his works”

“To an extraordinary degree, Robert Burns is the poet of Scotland”

-simile: “As plimp an’ grey as onie grozet”
-couplet: “Thae winks and finger-ends, I dread, Are notice takin”
-imagery: “Or aiblins some bit duddie boy, On’s wyliecoat”
-personification: “There you may creep, and sprawl, and sprattle.”
-End-stopped: “It wad frae monie a blunder free us AN’ foolish notion:”


“Applied to Burns, these notions about genius would have acted as a means of explaining his talent in spite of his supposed lack of a formal education.”

“Burns tapped directly into new currents in Scottish thought, exhibiting what were then commonplace beliefs about a basically uniform human nature.”

Born January 25, 1759
Alloway, Arshire, Scotland

-Poor farmer father
-Housewife Mother
-6 siblings

-John Murdoch
-Parish school
-Studied french, mathematics and was considered a scholar
Married Jean Armour after mistress died
Had 4 children
Died in 1796 due to heart problems.
John Lapraik (1727-1807)

John Murdoch

Women (in a general sense)
A Red, Red Rose
written in 1794
presumed to be for a mistress
love poem
A Red, Red Rose Analysis
Four stanzas
Written in ballad meter
Shift occurs in the final stanza
Theme: Ability of love to transcend time
Tone: Romantic, dreamlike
Contains many similes, metaphors and hyperboles
“O my Luve is like a red, red rose.” -simile
“O my Luve is like the melody,” -simile
“Till a’ the seas gang dry,” -hyperbole
“ And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;” -hyperbole
"red, red rose" -imagery
"While the sands o’ life shall run." -symbolism
My love is as beautiful as a flower,
That has just come up in June,
My love is like a song,
That is played beautifully.

You are a very beautiful girl,
I am deeply in love with you,
And I will love until,
The oceans dry up.

Until the seas go dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt in the sun,
I will love you, my dear,
As I grow old.

Farewell, my only love,
Goodbye for now,
I will return to you,
Even if I must go ten thousand miles.

Introduction- Romanticism
“To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art - that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.”
- Charles Baudelaire
La Fin
"Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;/Ae farweel, and then forever"
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