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Special Operations during Dessert Storm and Desert Shield

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Robert Brewer

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Special Operations during Dessert Storm and Desert Shield

Special Operations during Dessert Storm and Desert Shield
After the air campaign Schwarzkopf gave the OK for Special Forces to meet up with British SAS to cut a fiber optic cable that stretched from Baghdad to southeast Iraq. Destroying Iraqi communications in the area
After the success of the last Special operation Mission, Stormin Norman sent a 6 man Special forces team into southern Iraq to gather sand samples. The samples showed that the sand was firm enough for tanks to assault Iraq troops in southern Iraq
The Special Forces were 100 percent in charge of the combat search and rescue. When a pilot
gets shot down out there in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the enemy, and you have the folks that are required to go in and get
them, that is a very tough mission, and that was one of the Special forces main missions until after the air campaign.
General Schwarzkopf would eventually allow the take over of Kuwait city by Special forces soldiers, retaking embassies, iraqi headquarters, and they also cleared areas of mines and booby traps.

Saddam Hussein would later succeed in using SCUD missiles to attack Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. SF would eventually be sent in to dstroy these SCUD missile sites.
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