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Drupal 101

No description

Chris Miller

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Drupal 101

Local Development
Acquia Dev Desktop on Win/Mac
XAMPP, WAMP on Windows
MAMP, MAMP Pro on Mac
Preconfigured Virtual Machines
Linux or home brew = install each prerequisite individually
Installation Steps
Create empty database
Locate web root on your server
Extract Drupal files
Copy sites/default/settings.default.php to settings.php
Visit http://yoursite/install.php
Fill in the blanks
Common Post Install Steps
Configure user settings (who can create accounts) at: Configuration -> People -> Account Settings
Customize core modules at: Modules Menu
Select and configure theme at: Appearance (and) Appearance -> Settings
Common Contrib Modules
Backup and Migrate - yes
Views - Make lists and tables
CTools - Required for others
WYSIWYG - Oooh pretty...
Webform - Fancy fancy forms
Commerce - Sell stuff
Admin Menu - Nice to have
Devel - Useful for developers
Panels - Layout stuff
Display Suite - Format stuff
Download Drupal!
Acquia Dev Desktop
XAMPP (Windows)
MAMP (Mac)
Drupal on Stack Exchange
Lullabot Articles and Podcasts
Basic Prerequisites
For Drupal 7...
PHP 5.2.5+
PHP memory limit 32MB+
MySQL 5.0.15+

Runs (mostly) on MS IIS, PostgreSQL, others if you must...

Drupal 101
By Chris Miller - Trailhead Interactive
Useful Core Modules
Blog - Blog for every user
Forum - Very simple forum
Contact - Just your basic form
Block - Widgets, boxes, stuff
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