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group project

Mohd Syazuwan

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of 7-eleven

7-Eleven 201 GROUP PROJECT 7-Eleven competes both with others chains on convenience stores and independent stores.
\What competitive advantages can you identify in this case? Quality of food
Freshness of product
Often small-lot deliveries
Delivery services are home delivery, and new product such as fast food, have also been introduced.

2) Which of the five forces of Porter are countered by the IS/IT system
evidenced in the 7-Eleven case? Explain how they achieve this objective. Supplier : They are involved and share their information with them, they help the stores sell more. If the product does not sell well it is discontinued. Then new product are introduced the substitute force at work.
New Entrants : Always a threat, but buy listening what customer want can be deflected because 7-Eleven always and improved and they have a promising future .
Buyer : Being informed customer need they have power and listen every time a product is not purchases by customer is they have the capability of rapid change they can become a leader Which competitive strategies are noticeable in this case and what
specific aspects of IS/IT systems are used to support them? Long term planning
Have a good respond management
Using the Robson analysis of the five forces and IS opportunities, can you identify any other issues
relating to the impact of IS/IT system on the competitive position of a company from this case? Help customer to dominate the supplier
7-Eleven Japan they used information system purpose for customer and it help the supplier to negotiate good prices and high quality with its windows, who support the just in time approach.

*Generate how product and services to forestall external threats of substitution.
Based on this analysis 7-Eleven can generate new product and service because 70% of the product are replaced each years, and it also cost of change
*Increase the cost to the buyer of switching supplier Create barrier to entry
Using information system they also can creating the barrier by using security on that system.

*Change the basic of competition
7-Eleven currently have various competitors which includes superstores, hypermarket, convenience stores and even traditional market.

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