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Glidden Situation

No description

Taylor Fairbanks

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Glidden Situation

Situation Analysis The Product -Awesome mobile app
-Decent brochures/handouts
-Cost-efficient at The Home Depot and Lowe's
-Glidden is sold at Walmart (wide distribution)
-Has pre-mixed colors
-Easy and convenient STRENGTHS
-The app is extremely underutilized
-We can improve the brochures/handouts tremendously
-Glidden is not the cost efficient choice at Walmart
-Glidden is sold at Walmart (poor service/quality)
-Glidden has a limited choice of color WEAKNESSES Analysis Glidden is not utilizing their
strengths as well as they could Market Industry Behr Valspar Great in-store promotions
Well-kept displays (Glidden is still cost-effective) Retailer Walmart The Home Depot Lowe's (8970) (2248) (1750) Advertising Glidden gets you going. Target Audience Observations S1 S2 S3 Not very knowledgable Little to no preference Brought mom or someone
to help with decision Knowledgable Brought something
to match colors Usually for child's room Knew the most Went to the store alone Pinterest S1 S2 S3 All used. Mostly for simple DIY projects. Interviews S1 S2 S3 Price aware
Unaware of Walmart
as paint retailer
Shop for other crafty items “I would have just run to Walmart and got paint.”
-Heather, 22 Unaware of Walmart
as paint retailer
Went for something quick,
not paint "I do go to Walmart if it's something quick
like picture hangers or stuff like that.
For paint I do go to Home Depot."
-Kristin, 30 More aware that Walmart sells paint
Would consider Walmart for smaller projects, but not for larger scale projects "I do not look at Walmart
as a home improvement store."
-Janice, 53 Choices 3 S3 S1 S2 Currently shop at Walmart Analysis Segments 1 and 2
show the most promise
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