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Willson: Bonding

No description

Abigail Oakley

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Willson: Bonding

Willson: Bonding
Willson: Commonality
Willson: Identity
Willson: Reciprocity
Baym: Support
Interpersonal Relationships

Parks: Social Contacts & Response to Others
Renninger: Private Interactions
Baym: Shared Practices and Norms
Parks: Shared Rituals
Parks: Patterned Interactions
Parks: Belonging/Attachment
Renninger: OP Easy to Find
boyd: blur private & public
Baym: Shared Identity
boyd: searchability
Baym: Shared Resources
boyd: persistence
Renninger: Aggregate of Information
Renninger: OP Easy to Find
Renninger: Commentary Trackable
Renninger: Trolling de-incentivized
Renninger: Same emphasis on newbie & experienced
boyd: Scalability
boyd: replicability
boyd: Invisible audiences
boyd: collapsed contexts
boyd: publics don't need to self-identify
Parks: Communities need to self-identify
Renninger: Don't need RL connections
Parks: Communities stronger with RL connections
Willson: RL connections make stronger communities
Parks: Create & customize own profile
Parks: Ability to engage in collective action
Parks: Sharing Information
Baym: Space
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