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No description

Passant Ehab

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of RESALA

Nonprofit Organization
Assessment of the organization’s Strategic Management

Resala’s Mission
"Resala works towards a better society by improving life conditions and atmospheres for those in need. Working on providing orphans with a place to live and have a normal life in addition to helping them have something to live for and provide them with education, shelter, clothes and any other basic needs".
Resala’s Main Activities
Clear Vision and Mission.
Strategic Plan should be set (Plan B).
Establishing criteria for launching new projects.
Updating the donors database and the website.
Developing SWOT analysis to identify strategic issues.
Giving more authority to branches.
Developing Progress Reports for all activities.
Resala’s Vision
"The organization aims to reduce poverty, reduce child labor and also help children and adults that are in need of a living to be able to get jobs, have better conditions, have a source of income and reduce their feeling of isolation".
SWOT Analysis
What Is Resala?
Resala is a non-profit organization.

Resala was founded in 1999, by Dr. Sherif Abdel Azeem, an Engineering Professor.

Resala was established as a student movement at Cairo University, then it was registered as an NGO on May 29, 2000.

Around 1,000,000 Volunteers.

Around 4,000 Employees.

63 branches in different districts.

Website: www.resala.org.

Hotline: 19450.
SWOT Analysis Cont'd
The closure of different NGOs and charity organizations.

The high intervention of the private sector in case of partnership/merge to apply their own agenda.

Political issues that label Resala as MB.

Existence of many organizations working in the same field.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Evaluating the activities every 4 months.

After the campaign the donations increased by 10 per cent.

Number of volunteers increased.
Very well established, since 1999.

Has the largest number of volunteers who are well introduced to the vision and mission.

Has many branches throughout the country.

Working on a variety of projects.

Volunteers are well educated.

Raising employees' and volunteers' efficiency by preparing well trained cadre of trainers in different branches.
Donors database is not updated.

No sufficient permanent staff, depending mainly on volunteers.

High volunteer turnover.

Women volunteers count between 65 and 90 per cent of the total number. (for safety issue, its risky for women to go slum areas and affected by unexpected harsh action)
Utilizing the positive spirit of Egyptians in the voluntary field after the 25th of Jan revolution.

Reach more organizations and more businessmen for donations.

Seek the support of the private sectors for sponsorships.

Get engaged in different public events.
There is no specific criterion.
The floor is open for new ideas.
Allows reaching participatory decision.
The absence of real studies that prioritize the projects and activities.

"Create and spread the spirit of volunteerism"
Mai Tobgi
Child Care

Family Care

Health Care

Environmental Care

Special abilities Care

Educational Campaigns
Resala's Mandates
In May 2000 the association was registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity as an NGO.

Has the right to open a bank account and collect donations.

Activities are under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Administrative Control Authority and the Central Auditing Organization.

Organizational Structure
Board of Directors
Departmental Structure
Centralization Vs. Decentralization
Resala has 63 branches in different governorates.

Each branch has its own general manager, administrative manager, board of directors and an independent financial system.

Resala as an organization has broad objectives, each branch has the right to develop and implement its strategic plan that will achieve those objectives.
Centralized Structure
Decentralized Structure
Every activity or project has its own funds called “sulfa” determined by Chairman of the Organization.

All branches are accountable to the central administration in Cairo.
The organizational structure is considered as semi-centralized
Operating Strategically .....?
2- Criteria of choosing and prioritizing activities and projects
1- Target Group
B class: The middle class who have the ability to donate and the desire to participate in charity and enjoy helping other.

C class: Beneficiaries who need the services and products due to the lack of basic life needs.
4- Crisis Management
Operating Strategically....? Cont'd
A- Target group
External donors

B- Objectives
• Change the negative image about Resala
• Position Resala as an independent organization with no political affiliation
• Clarify Resala’s mission and its role in serving the overall society without being biased to any political faction.
• Re-attract the volunteers who left Resala after 30/6/2013.
3- Strategies to face rumors
Operating Strategically....? Cont'd
An advertising campaign was launched through different channels.

The ads created a character known as “Raslawy”.

The ads highlighted the fact that Resala is an independent organization without any political affiliation.
4- Tools
C-Public Relations
TV programs that clarify Resala’s projects, activities and funds in a transparent way.
Upon Resala's investigation request, The Minister of social solidarity clearly announced that it has no irregularities.
Special events in clubs and streets to gain public interest and support.
Utilizing special events such as “Mother’s day” and “orphan day”.
B- Advertising
Operating Strategically....? Cont'd
E- Social Media
D- Radio Resala
Resala's Values
Transparency (investigation request)

Accountability (Accountable to 3 organizations)

Participation (allow employees and volunteers participation, open the floor for new ideas)
Strategic Management for Public
and Nonprofit Organizations
PPAD 501/5221
Dr. Khaled Abdel Halim

Resala Association
Research Methodology
In depth interviews with Dr. Karem Rakhaa, Vice Chairman of the Board, Ms. Mai Tobgi, Public Relations and Media Manager, and Ms. Asmaa Soliman, Radio Resala Manager.
Primary resources
Resala Website.
Academic articles.
Secondary resources
Branch Structure
Lei Sparre, Sara. (January 2008) Muslim youth organizations in Egypt: actors of reform and development?
Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (March 2012): Mapping Islamic Actors in Egypt
Assessment of the organization’s
Strategic Management

Passant Ehab
Rana Aboud
Sylvia Maher

Presented By:
Activities are under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Administrative Control Authority and the Central Auditing Organization.

The Heads of the Board of Directors are engaged in meetings with the Central Administration every 4 months.

Closure of branches due to irregularities.
A- Mini Camps
3- Sponsorship Programs
Pepsi, Tide and P&G
Resala's SWOT Analysis
Has the largest number of volunteers who are well introduced to the vision and mission.
Donors database is not updated.
Utilizing the positive spirit of Egyptians in the voluntary field after the 25th of Jan revolution.
The closure of different NGOs and charity organizations.
The high intervention of the private sector in case of partnership (to apply the private sector agenda).
Operating Strategically .....?
After 30/6/2013, Resala faced negative rumors that labeled it as Muslim Brotherhood organization which resulted in:

A decrease in the amount of donations by 40% as donors showed concerns about Resala’s funding and affiliation that might serve specific agenda.

A great number of volunteers turnover was observed, in addition volunteers parents started to prevent their sons from going to Resala.
1- Problem Definition
Operating Strategically...?
Resala has taken a very important and strategic step by:

Asking the Ministry of Social Solidarity to investigate its objectives, projects and funding.

Minister of social solidarity clearly announced that based upon the investigation Resala has no irregularities.

This is considered as a very credible and transparent step which is better than thousands of ads that deny the rumors without any proof.
2- Strategic action
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