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CCA Secondary School

No description

Nathan Rice

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of CCA Secondary School

CCA History
The Lord has blessed CCA tremendously over the years and we continue to see His hand on this school ministry. We are prepared to move forward as we continue to pursue excellence


secondary school

In September 2015 Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) will begin a new venture as it opens it’s doors to a secondary school. This secondary institution will serve as an extension of the academy building on the vision and practices that have made CCA a success. The school will scale in its development starting with a Grade 9 program in September 2014 and then progressively adding grades 10, 11 and 12 in subsequent years. Over the next year, board members, parents, staff and students will play an integral role in developing the framework for establishing the CCA secondary school. We will seek to collaborate with those who have made the CCA primary school a success in developing all aspects of the secondary school from administrative practices to extra-curricular programs.
Christian Education
As a secondary institution our mission at CCA is to provide an innovative and dynamic learning environment that provides all students with multiple opportunities for success and self-actualization. We will take a holistic approach to the development of each student as a “whole person” challenging them and nurturing them intellectually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Our goal is to develop our students into independent and capable young adults with a desire to serve the Lord and others by providing them with an education rooted in core Christian values. We will pursue every avenue to ensure that our students are well equipped to navigate the challenges of tertiary study and vocational choice.
Evaluate the interest in a CCA Secondary School by way of qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Seek staff and volunteers to assist in developing a framework for a CCA Secondary School.

Develop a financial strategy and gather the resources needed to establish a Grade 9 academic program

We believe that an exceptional education is inspired, innovative and immersed in a Biblical identity. We believe that an exceptional learning community looks to produce and engage with culture. It does so by encouraging its students to be active in their surrounding communities – directly applying the skills taught in the classroom to real-world scenarios. Through the use of Blended Learning and Project Based Learning (PBL) we will look to create an atmosphere that incorporates all of these principles. Using these teaching practices, CCA will foster an environment of support and collaboration by regularly bringing students from different grades together into one classroom. A maximum of 15 students per grade will be enrolled at CCA Secondary School to ensure that this inter-grade learning environment is done effectively. Given this unique learning environment students who enroll in CCA Secondary School will need to demonstrate a sound ability to learn independently, to manage a rigorous academic schedule and to engage in high order thinking.
Create a framework that will outline our strategy to successfully scale the development of a CCA Secondary School from Grades 9-12 over the next 4 years.

Finance and provide a seminar style Grade 9 classroom equipped with technological resources at a 1:1 ratio.

Pass the Ministry of Education inspection by ensuring that the CCA Secondary School meets all of their administrative and curriculum guidelines.

Life at CCA Secondary School
It's exciting to think about the day to day life of CCA Secondary School. CCA has always prided itself on creating a family like community amongst its students, staff, and parents. Our secondary school will promote a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration, innovation, experiential learning as we nuture a true and ever growing relationship with Jesus.

building for
the future

Christian Education
Blended Learning
Project Based Learning (PBL)
Learning Environment
Curriculum Guidlines
Why Volleyball
and Basketball?
Program Design
Focus in Early Years
Athletics and Arts
Student Development
Positive Transition
Next Steps
CCA has always been a place where comunity comes together. We understand that we can not do this alone. Below is a list of ways in which you can help contribute to this exciting program.
Curriculum Guidelines
Program Design
Foundations: Grade 9 and 10
Integrated into Bible/Worldview curriculum
Will promote service within the community
Each grade will work towards their year end trip.
Grade 9: Leadership Retreat
Grade 10: Team Building Retreat
Grade 11: Missions Trip in North America
Grade 12: Global Missions Trip
Grade 9: I'm Called
Understanding your gifts and how they can be
used to serve God's purpose for your life
Grade 10: We're Better Together
Understanding the leadership gifts of others; team building
Grade 11: Mission Field in My Backyard
Understanding how to serve others within my community
Pipeline: Grade 11 and 12
Grade 12: Conviction Stirs Action
Understanding service on a global scale
This program will encourage students to carefully explore God’s calling on their lives and will encourage students to take an active, volunteer-based role in their surrounding communities. Throughout all four years, students will learn about a number of different post-secondary/vocational opportunities from participating in monthly career presentations.
Our vision for a CCA secondary school is to create an innovative, multi-faceted, dynamic and technology-rich learning environment that will provide every student with the opportunity for success, self-discovery and leadership. We will look to accomplish this by developing high-quality, Christian-based educational programming that is accredited with the Ministry of Education. We will do this by collaborating with other Christian secondary schools that have experienced success in program development, by developing a Servant Leadership Program and a Cooperative Education Program and by building extra-curricular activities.
Offer a CCA Secondary School Diploma to complement the OSSD
Offer Bible/Worldview courses that have been either developed by the Ministry of Education or "locally developed" from Christian Institutions.
Integrate our Leadership Program into Bible/Worldview courses
Morning devotions and weekly chapel
Diploma Expectations
Blended learning is a formal education program that offers a combination of direct instruction and online courses within a traditional classroom setting.
Students will be required to purchase an iPad to compliment the blended learning program.
Project Based Learning allows students to learn from first hand experience.
Student's will need to exercise a higher order of thinking as they solve problems, ask questions, and collaborate as a team as they work towards an end goal.
By enrolling in the Athletic Program students will earn 4 Health and Physical Education credits.
Each course will run the duration of a full school year (one half credit per term)
Grade 9 and 10 students will combine into one class

Numerous staff members and future prospect coaches are available and qualified to support these sports
Both sports adhere to a small student enrollment
Established programs are offered outside of school

We will focus on implementing two quality
extra-curricular opportunities
Concert Band
Floor hockey
Flag Football
Ultimate Frisbee



Music Prouction
Song Writing

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
This proposed budget states the projected revenue and expenditures of CCA Secondary School over a 3-year period. The start-up budget outlines the necessary staff and resources needed to prepare for the September 2014 launch. It is important to note that the facility expense is left out of the budget details. The budget concludes with a final summary of the projected net profit accumulated by 2017. This profit will allow the development team to explore all facility options in preparation for expansion.
Academic Advisory
Financial Advisory
Marketing Advisory
Resource Advisory
We are excited to move forward with this program. We would like to invite you to come alongside this new venture as we continue to persue excellence in our school. The documents below outline ways in which you can contribute as we move forward.
Increased enrollment
Appleseeds Program
Capital Campaign (Early Childhood Education Wing)
Summer Camp Porgram
Property Sale (1 acre lot)
The Storeroom
As an established Christian Academy for over 15 years, the CCA community understands the importance and value of a multidimensional Christian education. CCA documents this belief in their Statement of Faith - “We believe that children are best served by Calvary Christian Academy if there is a consistency between what is taught at home, in church and at school” (2013).
To ensure effective growth and progression, students will be encouraged to assist with the creation of further clubs and programs as apart of the servant leadership program.
Comprehensive player development program from grade 5-12
Student athletes must maintain a 75% average to continue enrollment in the athletics program
Qualified coaches and resources will ensure a high-level program
Competitive tournament schedule

Freshman (grade 5 and 6): Fundamental Skill Development
Sophomore (grade 7 and 8): Fundamental Skill Development
Junior (grade 9 and 10): Positioning and Competition
Senior (grade 11 and 12): Systems and Execution

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