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Colin McCubbins: Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Colin McCubbins: Nowhere to Call Home

Chapter's 1-15
Nowhere to Call Home
In chapter two, it talks about what France's faces and the hardship's she has after the death of her father. Since she is on her own she has to make some choices.
In this chapter, France's starts to struggle with the fact that maybe her father wasn't proud enough of her. And she starts to convince herself that her father's death was because of her.
Chapter 4 &5
In chapters six and seven, Frances ran through the freight yard, ignoring the "no trespassing sign."
Frances, was caught by a guard moments later, and was forced back. In efforts to get on the train she bought boy clothes, thinking only boys rode trains.
Chapter's 6 and 7
In chapter one, a lot of key event's happened. The story first talks about how the stock market crashed. It tells you about how many people died and it tells you how a lot of money doesn't have value.
Chapter 1
First: France's father killed himself, like many other's did because he lost pride and lost dignity after his business crashed.
Second: The stock market crashed making many loose their jobs.
Chapter 2 and 3
First: France's is asked to leave her home and live with her aunt in Chicago. France's refuses, but is forced to anyway. She has a struggle in choosing her personal items.
Second: She's find's out about becoming a hobo, from Mrs. Bailey and decides to become a hobo.
France's leaves her servants except for Janis, but he is destine to make sure she gets on the train to meet with her aunt. Frances tries to convince him to stay.
People used to hop on
trains without
any charge and work
for their supper.
From Philadelphia to Chicago,
by train it would cost you,
40 cents.
Most hobo's left everything behind
Millionairess, could become poor in a second.
By: Colin McCubbins
She cut her hair, and when she jumped on the train, she met another kid named Stewpot. She became friends, and shared her last of her food and played "Amazing grace on the harmonica."
In chapter's eight and nine, Frances jumped in the water to clean off. After her and Stewpot cleaned off, they left to go to another town where Frances found another group.
In, that group Frances saw a girl and started to wonder if she too should give up her secret.
Chapters 8-10
Once the group settled down Frances and Stewpot deicded to work for there food. Once they came back they noticed that the group steals food and encourages it.
Hobo's have their own private launguage
Hobo's take baths to clean off
People went swimming naked
Girls were also in the hobo's group
Herbert Hoover was president
Chapters 11-13
After the group woke up from a long but well deserved sleep, Frankie noticed she lost some expensive items.
The group decides to "leave" and Frankie suggested to not go back to Chicago.
The group also tells stories about Blink's eye and Al's leg.
Frankie buys a silky white knife.
Frankie and Stewpot buy tobacco.
They jump in a box car.
Cop's don't help hobo's find lost things because they think the hobos stole it.
The bakery gives out free day old food.
You can buy lost items at pawn stores
The tobaco stores give you left over tobcco
Chapters 14-16
Frankie and Stewpot open a wooden box Stewpot was given at the tobacco store. Frankie learns how to whittle. Frankie thought about what she was going do with her life.
Frankie learns how to jump on and off a train.
Frankie and Stewpot both are given food from a lady.
Boys often played with wooden toys
People bought wood carvings from hobos
Other hobo's leave marks at peoples houses to warn other hobos if this house is good or not
Many hobo's were caught afterding train
Chapters 17 and 18
Frankie feels bad for the girl who is treated badly in another group. Stewpot finds out about Frankie's old past and that shes a girl. Frankie and Stewpot were arrested, where they were forced out of town without any food.
Chapters 19-22
Frankie and Stewpot decide to go to the mission. After the mission, Frankie tells Stewpot that she didn't want to go to Chicago because her aunt was looking for her. Stewpot then tells Frankie to go down to her aunt's house. Frankie learns about Hooverville, and she learns how to beg for her own food. Frankie buys groceries for the two of them. Frankie learns that Stewpot cant read.
Chapter 22- End
Frances and Stewpot reach the mountains. Frances and Stewpot reach Hooverville. Stewpot falls to the ground and stops breathing, and eventually dies. Frances reaches her aunts house.
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