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Minerals and Mining

Natural Resources and Enviroment

Wesley Ho

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Minerals and Mining

Minerals and Mining Natural Resources & Environment Mineral Properties Color






Density Different elements in a mineral combined, make different colored minerals. The way minerals reflect,
metallic/non-metallic When a rock was chipped off, and the part left is smooth. When a rock was chopped off and is left as an rugged and uneven surface The resistance to being scratched based on Moh's scale (1-10) The color of a line that a mineral leaves when rubbed on a white surface The amount of matter in a given amount of space with water being 1g per cubed cm
Density formula= -------
Volume About
mineral properties Luster:whether or not a mineral is "shiny"
non-metallic: or metallic: Breakage, Cleavage or Fracture?
Cleavage: Fracture: Color and Streak
Different colored minerals: Different colored streaks of minerals: Hardness of minerals: based on Moh's scale (1-10) Mining,
Refinement, and Reclamation Natural Resources: Renewable vs. Non-renewable Renewable= A resource that is produced as quickly or faster than it is used up. Non-Renewable= A resource that is used faster than it is replaced. Ore= A mineral in large enough quantities, and valuable enough to be mined for a profit. Reserve= A known deposit of ore worth mining. Mining ___________ Ways to mine:
Subsurface mining= mining in shaft mines or other underground mines
Surface mining= mining in quarries or other surface mines Shaft Mine Open pit mine Hydraulic mining Refinement= the processing of a mineral to make it usable. _____________ The process for metals The process for non-metals Reclamation Since a law was passed in the 1970's land that was mined must be recriminated after the minerals have been extracted. Reclamation= To put mined land back to how it once was, or better than, before the land was mined. The End
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