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How to sell in a world where buyers refuse to be sold....

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ed marsh

on 6 August 2016

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Transcript of How to sell in a world where buyers refuse to be sold....

How to sell in a world where buyers refuse to be sold....
Your World
This used to be pretty cutting edge
so...we can't rely on our local voc tech to fix the sales piece...how do we fix it
#1 - bust the silos
Your inside sales superstars
And of course
when companies bought like this
how do you create that experience
mobile optimized (beyond responsive)
marketing automation
pun intended
but not today
we sold like this
Stats Trifecta
Buyers are 70% of the way to making a decision before they speak to a rep
74% of the time they circle back and buy from the company that first provided value (that's not a quote - that's advice!)
93% of all B2B purchases start with online search
but the org chart remains unchanged
VP Sales
Sales rep
Sales rep
Sales rep
and most of the seats hold the same folks
But that hasn't worked here...
That's why there's a whole session track here on workforce issues.
but let's think about this for a minute
your technical requirements changed - and you're adapting the skills and makeup of the workforce
your buyer's have dictated that they want to buy differently - so shouldn't you be adapting the skills and makeup of the salesforce too?
#2 - embrace the continuum
answer ALL the questions
Awesome "advisors" - help prospects buy
Consilium Global Business Advisors

(978) 238-9898

Ed Marsh
owned & run industrial B2B businesses
HubSpot Partner
Presidential Export Award Winner
more info
technically strong
digitally savvy
comfortable with social media - have great LinkedIn profiles
able to read & interpret digital body language
understand the business issues involved including finance
know the resources you have (guides, videos, presentations, case studies, calculators) and know how & when to feed them to prospects
command of email
comfortable using phone
able to process lots of data points in real time
embrace tools that make them more efficient - no big brother complex
understand how your machines work...and how the lead gen engine works
always reading industry information
participate in discussions
find opportunities to speak & contribute
But you're the CEO
Dan Tyre gave you the global view of
how buying is changing
Todd Hockenberry explained how to
adapt and capture leads
now we're going to explore how to
actually sell those leads
how's this going to work?
Prospect hits site
where did they come from
what question did they ask (may have to infer from where they entered)
what pages did they view (how many, in what order)
have they been on your site before? when? how often? are they looking at the same or different things?
what forms did they submit? what info did you collect about them?
did they request a contact?
Should you contact?
did they request it?
if not, assume they don't want a contact
but what if you know that you have insight that could help?
do you call? email? how often? at what interval?
what's that sound like?
How fast?
this is not a lead...necessarily
maybe they just wanted to download your guide
intuit from the sort of offer and their other activity whether they're very early, or close to actually buying something
the pace of the approach needs to adapt appropriately to that
the tone, and sort of information must as well
What does follow-up look like?
what information to send?
must meet them where they are in the process and help them advance
type of content? video, whitepaper
loss leader? (free consult)
Who's watching
it may not have been a lead....yet, but how will you know when it is?
who's watching to see when they come back? and what's an important visit? pricing page? how to buy?
who get's a text message - who can make a quick call?
who's tracking what your active leads are saying about you or competitors on social media?
how do you manage this without being creepy?
How to close?
this should be a natural extension of the advisory relationship they've built
who will close? hand off to a field sales rep? how to do that smoothly?
remember the buyer doesn't expect to go through everything again!
the program that won you the business should help you keep it too
how will customer service know when an account is in jeopardy? what content will you provide consistently that helps them?
Marketing Automation
smart website & content
coach and suggest
tease insights from prospect
make the prospect feel comfortable
automatically send the right info
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