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Danielle CN tower & leaning tower...

comparison of the leaning tower of pisa and the CN tower.

tina moneypenny

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Danielle CN tower & leaning tower...

The CN tower V.S. The Leaning Tower of Pisa!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! INTRODUCING! Did you know... That the CN tower was made
in Toronto rather than being made
in Pisa, Italy like the leaning Tower
of Pisa? Who would have guessed it? Fact #1 Fact #2 The CN tower was made to be a brodcast tower... But on the other hand-
the leaning tower of Pisa
was made to be a bell tower. Fact #3 Height The CN tower is: 1815 ft
The leaning Tower of Pizza is 185 ft Fact # 4 the CN Tower Was made of re-enforced concrete
The the leaning Tower of Pisa was made of white marbel and cut stone. Fact #5 I BET that you didn't know... That I love
HORSES Fact #6 (a fact that has to do with the presentaion) Design features and how
it handels forces acting on it. The CN Towers design features are: The 3 legs and a core were built hollow for flexibility. NEXT Compression Compression is on the towers when wind blows against them and they have to stand againt the force... they do that by (the biulders) making holes for wind to go through. with the CN tower, it is
so small that the wind just whips
around it. The leaning Tower of Pisa's
bad design feature is that it was built on soft soil making
the soil shift and the tower to lean. And well gravity... Just makes sure nothing floats. And a standing OVATION Thank you, thank you, thank you
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