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Caribbean Baseball

Presentation over baseball players out of Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean.

Sam Seiwert

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Caribbean Baseball

Baseball In The Caribbean The Caribbean Series Many countries send teams to the Caribbean Series. Some Countries teams include Venezuela
The Domenican Republic

With the Exception of Haiti and Jamaica, All of these countries speak Spanish. Some Spanish-Speaking Players include:
Albert Pujols AKA "The Machine"-DR
David Ortiz-DR
Jose Reyes
Miguel Tejada
Miguel Cabrera
...That is just to name a few. Many players get started in the street playing games like stickball.
Baseball leagues have been formed as a way to keep children out of gang activity and other forms of delinquency.
These players practice and play with the utmost dedication in hopes of one day playing in the big leagues. Venezuela Professional Baseball League Baseball in Venezuela started in 1941.
On December 27, 1945, the baseball league was created. It is now comprised of 8 teams Dominican Repubilc Many Dominican kids start their baseball career because there is a baseball factory in the country. It provides baseballs for the MLB in America. Mexican Baseball When it was founded in 1925, the league included 6 teams. The Mexican League now consists of 16 teams. The season begins in mid-March with the playoffs running through mid-August, ending in a 7 game championship series.
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