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For Sale By Owner... Is it REALLY Saving YOU Money?

Let me show you all the tools I use to make your home stand above the rest. To see more info, click the pictures once. Contact me for more info MattLloyd@MattLloydRealtor.com or 860-264-5856

Matt Lloyd

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of For Sale By Owner... Is it REALLY Saving YOU Money?

Let me ask:
How many potential buyers are you missing out on because you're at work?
Did you know that For Sale By Owner's sell for an average of $.84 on the dollar?
That's like paying a 16% commission!
Are you trained in understanding the contracts and how to negotiate the terms in your best interest?
Why would buyers want to work directly with a seller when their best interest is being protected by a Realtor?
Can you effectively manage the "leads" you receive?
Will your marketing efforts create more of a demand for your home than my marketing?
Do you think you'll get more calls off of your sign or mine?
When you hire me, I will sell your home for more money in less time, would you consider that a Win Win?
Are you advertising your home...
Check out my Online Advertising
Are your Photo's like
Many sellers think Realtors just
stick a sign in the ground...

That is the Tip of the Iceberg
to MY Marketing!

Over 350 Websites
Are you doing any of the above items?
How much are you REALLY saving by not HIRING Me??
Enhanced Listings
More Photo's
Contact Me
Premier Agent
Special Offers
Zillow & Yahoo
This or THAT??!!
Video Email Response System
Come and explore
how I EARN your business,
your TRUST and how I can
SELL your home for MORE
money in LESS time.

With Smart Sign Riders
Did you create a true Virtual Tour
Can you Enhance your Listing on Realtor.com
Are you a Premier Agent on Zillow.com & Yahoo.com
Do you have a YouTube channel?
With Interactive Floor Plans
Do you have a Video Email Response
Utilizing Social Media
Click on each image to see more
The photo's on the left are my photos.
The right side are actual photo's on the Multiple Listing Service by OTHER Realtors.
Keller Williams Listing Service
Click the RIGHT arrow key for the next slide. Double click on the image to zoom in.
Don't become another statistic, call me today 860-264-5856
Check the Stats
You NEED My Help
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