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Information about Pneumonia

Kala Gulley

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Pneumonia

By:Kala Gulley Description of the disease:
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and are mostly caused by a bacterial infection.
It also can be cause by a virus or fungi.
The treatment include plenty of fluid, antibiotic through an IV. How the diagnosis is made:
Some symptoms of pneumonia are as follows:
Coughing up sputum
sharp chest pain with breathing
Doctors diagnosis patients with pneumonia by listening to their lungs and if they hear wheezing sounds they order chest x-ray to conform it. How the disease is transmitted:
It can be transmitted through coughing,sneezing,
during sleep if you have secretion,
People with heart problems or drug users are at higher risk of getting pneumonia. Relative frequency of the disease:
this disease is always around and people
can always get it. Disease course:
Starts with coughing or chest pain or
whezzing. Then chest x-ray to confirm.
Then antibotics and fluids. Possible complications:
can lead to death
more harmful to infants, young children, and older adults
could lead to respiratory failure
Acute respiratory distress syndrome Target audience:
Is everyone because anyone can get it no matter you age,race.
Risk factors:cigarette smoking, lung disease, living in a nursing facility, Work cited:
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