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Engineering, Education, and Science!

No description

Nolan Hill

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Engineering, Education, and Science!

Faculty of Education Training tomorrow's teachers, today!

B. Ed. (Concurrent and Consecutive)

Calgary Normal School, 1905...that's OLD! Schulich School
of Engineering What is engineering? Faculty of Science Engineering, Education, and Science! Lauren and Nolan Engineering is the discipline, art, skill, profession and technology of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. What can you study? Chemical
Oil & Gas
Software Specialize in:
Energy and Environment ENGG 200: Design and Communication Academics in ENGG Devon Academic Resource Centre (DARC) - tutoring, study space, assistance The Schulich School of Engineering has the largest Engineering Scholarship for entering Students in Canada. The creator of the website StumbleUpon graduated from the Schulich School of Engineering. Over 80% of students participate in an internship

- 10-15% of these are international
- 60-70% are in Calgary
- 10% in Alberta outside of Calgary
- 10-15% in Canada outside of Alberta

There are over 200 partnering organizations First year engineering students divided into blocks. It becomes very much a family environment among the students. Research Centre for Bioengineering Research & Education (CBRE)
-Partnership between ENGG, KNES and MED Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education (CEERE) Cool Courses

EDUC 404: Literacy, Language and Culture
EDUC 407: Diversity in Learning Werklund Foundation Centre for Youth Leadership Education

Autism Spectrum Education, Research, and Training Practicum
Specializations Clubs and Organizations:
Biology Students Association
Chemistry Students Club
Physics & Astronomy Students' Association
The Rundle Group - Geology Students' Club
Computer Science Undergraduate Society
Women in Science and Engineering
Environmental Science Student Association
Geophysics Undergraduate Student Society
Students Interested In Medical Science Co-Op Programs are available in Applied Chemistry, Actuarial Science and Ecology. Computer Science offers internships. Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program

Group Study Programs

Research Internships in Science and Engineering
Six week to three month programs between June and August. International work with engineering and PhD candidates on a variety of different topics.

There are several international summer schools that Science students have a chance to take part in such as the Lyon School of Chemistry and the Grenoble Institute of Technology. About Us WE LOVE DOGS! Lauren Switching into Psychology I like doing yoga, hiking and drinking tea. Originally from Calgary, but lived in Houston, Texas for 3 years. Cenovus Spo'pi
Solar House Schulich Delta
Solar Car Engineering Students Society
They host events like Pi Week, Car Smash, and FROSH Week as well as advocating for Engineering students and providing test banks Students in ENGG Schulich Activities Fund - $685000 available to students every year pursuing events and field trips What can I study? Departments:
-Biological Sciences
-Computer Science
-Mathematics & Statistics
-Physics & Astronomy
-Environmental Science
-Natural Science
-Nanoscience Minor
-Neuroscience Program You can major in just about everything. The majors range from Astrophysics to Zoology. Research Opportunities Markin Undergraduate Student Research Program in Health and Wellness Biogeoscience Institute Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Bamfield Marine Science Centre ASPH 401 - Galactic Astrophysics BCEM 543 - Enzymology BIOL 243 - DNA, Inheritance & Evolution CMMB 431 - Bacterial Pathogens CHEM 423 - Green Chemistry About the Faculty ZOOL 435 - Entomology Research in Education Life as an Education Student Education Students Association
Alberta Teachers Association Life as a Science Student Science Student Life Nolan History and
Philosophy Major Foodie and Traveler ASHA Member
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