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Detail 1

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Natalie M

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Detail 1

Success of the Aztec Empire
What was the Aztec Empire?
The Aztec Economy
Trade and Market Exchange
- Kept the capital city of Tenochtitlan alive in particular markets at Tlatelolco
- Sellers of cacao beans, tobacco, tree bark paper, pottery, herbs, medicines etc.
- Cacao beans served as money for example a turkey in exchange for 100 beans
- Pochtea undertook long journeys and brought foreign goods back
- Exported items such as gold, medicinal herbs etc.
Tribute Payment
- The Aztecs demanded tax from the 450 cities that the rules as well as newly conquered lands
- Were given in the form of expensive items
- The Aztecs had a very successful court system
- A Teochcautin was choosen by the Calpulli and a court was established in each province
- A judge presided over each city and the final rulling was made by head of the courts
- Equality was a large factor of the Aztec's governments success
Were the Aztecs successful?
-Despite the fall of the Aztecs under the Spanish conquistadors, I still believe that the Aztecs were one of the most successful civilizations
-The cities trade and agriculture, social structure and government played allowed the empire to build a foundation for the success of the civilization
Aztec Warfare

- Warriors are highly regarded in society and all men from 15-20 years old could be called upon to service
- The summoning of battle was decided by Calender priests
- The rules of warfare was that the object was not to kill the enemy but too take captives back for sacrafice

Aztec Government and Social Hierarchy
- Under the rule of Emperor Ahuitzolt , Aztec became a civilization conquering 45 towns
- The social hierarchy consisted of:
1) A King/ Ruler
2) Snake Woman
3) Four Military Commanders
4) Chief Officials
- The three castes of society consisted of:
1) Pilli
2) Macehau
3) Mayeques
What lead to the Fall of the Aztec Empire
- Despite the Aztecs effective way of warfare, they were no match for the Conquistadors that arrived in 1519 in search of treasure
- They were armed with guns and metal armour in comparison, to the Aztecs spears and bows
- The Spaniards were also assisted by other tribes who were happy to free the Aztecs from their domination

- Uniqueness of this small civilization
- Capability to dominate most of Mesoamerica in the fifteenth century and sixteenth century
Why did I choose this topic?
- Use of historical texts from both the school library and Parramatta Library
- Reference to Primary Sources
- Research from archaeologists
- Film documentaries
- Internet websites
My Research Process
Why were they successful?
- Grew, flourished, and died in less than two centuries
- Sprawled across 20,000 square km and homed at least 3 million citizens
- Arrived in the Valley of Mexico around 1300AD
1) Economy
2) Government and Social Hierarchy
3) Warfare
The Aztec Economy
Agricultural Production
- Chinampa farming was the most common type of farming
- A chinampa was an island that was farmed intensely
- Common crops grown include maize, sweet potato, squash etc.
Aztec Government and Social Hierarchy
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