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Gianna Corsi

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Gianna Corsi

Gianna Corsi
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison grew up as a wealthy child and went to school at age seven with elven year old children in his class. it wasn't discovered until later Thomas had adhd. at the time doctor were not aware of the disease and Edison was home schooled.
on February 11, 1847 Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. he is a descendant of the Elliot family from new England. he mom always believed he was born a genius due to his large forehead.
Thomas at age 12 had read every book in the library and took interest in many studies including physics, practical chemistry, and poetry. he read every writing of sir Isaac newton he could get his hands on.

Edison was able to write several books. His small adventure with publishing allowed him to make about 10 dollars a day.
as Edison grew older he discovered many thing he took interest in. he was able to work with many famous investors such as Alexander Gram bell. at the time he did not know what electricity was, nor anything about it.
in 1879 Edison tested his first idea, the light bulb. At first the light bulb only lasted for 13.5 hours It was pattoned was put on it and was marketed.
one year later Edison corrected mistakes and lasted of 1200 hours and skyrocketed. he used natural gas illumination and proved a safe was for light to illuminate their homes.
Thomas was able to manufacture these quite fast and sold the every where. people lives were effected by safe illumination and less fires were created because of this product.
in 1892 he was able to form his own company called "General Electric Co." and the rest was history.
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