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South Africa

No description

Mira B

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of South Africa

Where in the world is South Africa?
South Africa is the southern most country in Africa. It is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
Most of the rainfall is during the summer except for the city Cape Town. In Cape Town it rains more in the wintertime.
The average temperature in South Africa is 80 degrees in the summertime which is during January and 40 degrees average in the wintertime
Physical Features in South Africa
South Africa has a 1553 mile long coast line. It also has three capes and one bay (Richards Bay).
How do climate and geography impact the lives of people in South Africa?
South Africa

By Mira and Ariella
When are South Africa's seasons?
In our winter, they have summer, and in our summer, they have winter. This is because they are half-way across the world from the U.S.
The large amount of rain impacts the soil in South Africa positively by making it more fertile, which is helping the crops grow.
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