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The Arabian Nights

No description

Irene Fajardo

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Arabian Nights

There have been many adaptations of The Arabian Nights for television, the cinema's, video games and Music.
Activity: Storytelling
Who will create the best story?
Themes of the stories
The tales vary widely: they include historical tales, love stories, tragedies, comedies, poems, burlesques and various forms of erotica.
The One Thousand and One Nights
The Arabian Nights
The development of the 1001 Nights
The notebook of a Jewish book dealer from Cairo around the year 1150 contains the first documentary evidence for the Arabic title.
Several elements from Arabian and Persian mythology are now common in modern fantasy, such as genies, magic carpets, magic lamps, etc...
A collection of West and South Asian stories compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age.
The Frame Story
European translators:
Galland, Burton and Litt-mann
The influence of the versions of the Nights on world literature is immense.
Some writes influenced by the Arabian Nights are Henry Fielding, Naguib Mahfouz, Jose Luis Borges, Goethe, Flaubert, Dumas and Tolstoy.
Influence nowadays
You're all going to be executed at the end of the period. Only 1 group will survive. You will do as Scheherazade did and invent stories that will determine whether you live or you die. In groups of three/four people (7 groups in total) you will write a short story. You'll pick the topics from the ones in the bowl, which are based of actual tales from the Arabian Nights. You will divide the story in four parts (introduction, 2 main paragraphs and ending). The contest will have 4 rounds. During the first one, all the groups will present their introduction to the queen. She will decide which 2 she is not interested in and those groups are executed. In the second round, you present the second part of the story, again, 2 groups will be executed. In the third round, only one group will be executed. In the final round, the two groups that are left have to present their endings to the class. This final round will be voted by the class. Whoever has the best ending, will survive (cupcakes!)
Good Luck!
Remember, this is about your fate... (and there's food involved).
By - Irene Fajardo and Pia Herkstroeter
Tale of the Trader and the Jenny
Tale of the Jewish Doctor
The Barber's tale of himself
The Wolf and the Fox
The various characters from this epic have themselves become cultural icons in Western culture.
Tale of Aziz and Azizah
The Birds and Beasts and The Carpenter
The Water-fowl and The Tortoise
The Cat and The Crow
The Fox and The Crow
The Thief and his Monkey
The king and his Virtuous Wife
The Three Apples
The Queen of Serpents
Ibrahmi and Jamilah
The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
Map of where the stories in
Arabian Nights
have taken place
Princess Scheherazade
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