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Spirit Animals

No description

Sydney Srague

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals: Wild Born
Written By:Brandon Mull

Plot & Setting
Final Thoughts
Spirit Animals takes place in the world of Erdas. Conor is from a farm in Eura. Abeke is from a small village in Nilo. Meilin is from a rich area in Zhong. Rollan is from a very small city in Amaya.
Conor, Meilin, and Rollan come together at the sunset tower to begin the search for Abeke.
Abeke and Uraza
Abeke is very strong (physicaly and emotionally) physicaly because she has trained a lot and she knows what she is doing. Emotionally because Zerif had not joined her on her voyage.
Abeke wanted to bond with her spirit animal.
Uraza's fur looked like silk and her eyes were a pretty purple Abeke thought that she was dreaming.
Rollan and Essix
Meilin is strong emotionally because her dad is fighting in the war Erdas and she is very worried about him.
Jhi is helping her feel better because she is so worried.
Jhi has very little chance of improving her combat skills.
The Greencloaks tried to take her away from her home and away from her father.
Conflict & Resolution
There is a war between Erdas and the Devourer.
The four will release their spirit animals to defeat the Devourer.
How just a few people can make a difference in something.
It is an adventure
I would recommend this book because it has some parts you sit at the edge of you seat thinking what is about to happen.There is another book coming out and I think it will be interesting just like this one. Once you read this one you will be hooked and you will want to read the next one.
The four special children that summoned a spirit animal to protect their country. They all have so much courage to try to defeat the Devourer. Briggan, Uraza, Jhi, and Essix have been summoned by Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan. Briggan is Conor's spirit animal, Uraza is Abeke's spirit animal, Jhi is Meilin's spirit animal, and Essix is Rollan's spirit animal. All of them have special talents to use. Shane helps them train and practice for defeating the Devourer.
Conor's spirit animal is the wolf, Briggan.
Conor is excitable and he wants to know what is going on right then, right there.
When Conor summoned Briggan he thought Briggan was the largest wolf he had ever seen.
Briggan had large paws, large claws, savage teeth, and deeep blue eyes.
Conor and Briggan
Rollan is mature, his friend needed medication and Rollan had to steal it because he had no money to buy it.
Rollan is also very brave because he jumed to grab a splintery top of a fence.
Essix's eyes were like the color of amber.
Essix is not Rollan's falcon, it is the falcon.
Meilin and Jhi
Theme & Genre
By:Sydney Sprague
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