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Spiritual Gifts: Serving

No description

Stephen Johns

on 30 July 2017

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Transcript of Spiritual Gifts: Serving

What is the gift of Serving?
The unique and God given ability to perceive practical needs and giving of themselves to see those needs met.

What about servant leadership?
Those with the gift of serving are going to give of themselves to these 'menial' tasks more willingly
John 13:2-5; 12-16
What about
Leading Servants?
Deacons are not required to have the gift of serving. However, they are helping to lead the church in serving one another in practical ways.
Their vital role in the Body
Driven to serve for approval of others
Having to serve perfectly
Not taking rest
Neglecting priorities
Judging others
Do I Have the Gift of Serving?
Do you tend to focus on the physical needs in a situation?
Do you tend to think more about the work that needs to get done rather than if the work is for you to do?
Do you like to work behind the scenes so everything gets done and runs smoothly?
Do you enjoy the relationships that happen from serving with others?
Do you have a mind that is routinely running to needs?
Do you tend to get overwhelmed by all the needs around you?
to serve
to take up in hand
1. Give freedom to other gifts
2. Express love in the church
3. Manifest the true Gospel
Ceasing to serve
Finding Identity in Serving
Do you tend to assume everyone must see all these needs as well, including needs you have?
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