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Fashion Photographer

2nd Period, Project ,Fashion

Taylor Nieves-Wallace

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Fashion Photographer

How it fits into the fashion industry
They help a designer present and sell accessories and garments to a retailer. The retail sales field includes jobs such as buyers, merchandise planners, salespeople, and retail managers who buy the accessories and garments from the designer and then sell them to the general public
Schools for this career
To start your fashion career, you should find an art school, a community college, a college, or a university that will allow you to earn the degree that you need. Since every school offers different degrees, and each degree is designed for a different type of fashion career, it is important for you to know what type of degree you need.
What are the best schools for fashion photography?
1. Yale School of Fine Art (New Haven, Connecticut)
2. New York Film Academy (New York; Los Angeles, California; Abu Dhabi, UAE)
3. Brooks Institute ( Santa Barbara and Ventura, California)
4. School of Visual Arts ( New York)
5. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)
Tasks and responsibilities

Fashion photographers look for ways to portray clothing and other fashion items in memorable and interesting ways. They need to have a good working relationship with the models and fashion designers so they feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The fashion photographer needs to make a connection with the models and make them feel at ease.
Education and/or training
Fashion photography courses are offered at community and junior colleges, trade schools and vocational institutions. Professional photography degrees are available at the associate's and bachelor's levels Photographers who use digital cameras might find specialized training in graphic editing software useful to their craft

Taylor Nieves
Job opportunites & constraints

Pursuing a career in fashion photography will give you a chance to work with the finest models and celebrities in the fashion industry. You can also receive great publicity by posting your work in magazines, and other types of fashion journals. In general, fashion photographer professionals take pictures of models, which will be used for web sites, magazines, print ads, and fashion houses. They are also tasked to conceptualize photo shoots that will highlight the clothing, accessories, and apparels worn by the models.
Income rates of different fashion photography professionals vary greatly depending on their years of experience. Since most employers are keen with work experiences, higher income opportunities are waiting for well-established fashion photographers. The typical top-level annual pay for experienced fashion photographer professionals is around $50,000, while those who have already created a name in the fashion industry can earn $100,000 or more annually.
Random Facts
1. aspiring fashion photography professionals are highly encouraged to build a profound work portfolio to land better job offers and higher compensation rates!
Most people within the fashion photography industry became celebrities on their own ways.
3.Cameras and photography were created around the year 1830. On the other hand, the first pictures of a pretty woman wearing fashionable clothes were made in the year 1856.
.In a bachelor's degree program you learn about the elements of style, composition, lighting and portraiture as well as the business and marketing aspects of the fashion industry.
Famous Photographer
Michael Thompson was born and raised in Washington State,
where he was first introduced to photography at his father's
small portrait studio

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