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que el arbol no te tape el bosque!

No description

maria gravino

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of que el arbol no te tape el bosque!

young teacher thinks that only is qualified to work in school
can desing games for kids
can write books
can desing spaces and places for kids
can play puppets for kids
can teach at her home
build childrens parties
can create a delivery education
can make clothes for active childrens
can offer eduactions services to small culural communities

preparing nutricional meals for childrens
create educaionals toys
travel to other places offering fun activities at street and increanse their intercultural experience

offer and create theater and puppets for kids

conduct research about childhood for companies and institutions

touring hospitals and childcare centers propsing activities

created web sites for ids

teaching mathematics in parks to offeroutdoors
advising advertisers,

advising in sales in markets for kids

decorating places for kids

creating protocols of care childrens

offer services to play whith childrens

help familyes to care childrens out her home

offer sing to childrens for bussy dad and mam
organize educational trips to museums and places of interest for childrens
provide sciences for childrens in the neighborhood
create outdoors activitiesthat are not competive
by maria gravino
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