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Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero

No description

lorena montes

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero

Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero
"Heroic" Qualities
Marilyn Monroe She always had a smile on her face, which meant she was glad. She was a little shy here and there. She would do some things even if she did not want to, which means she was strong inside and out. She was just great. She was strong at heart and always will be remembered for that. Marilyn Monroe got a divorce everytime she was married because of acting. She was brave going through her divorces. She stood up for what was right in her view. That is why Marilyn Monroe is a hero.
Great falls
She may have been seen as this beauitful women, but in her eyes, she had low self-esteem and loneliness. She also had all this pressure for the press, exploitation by close associates which led to her depression.
Tragic Flaws
She showed signs of insomnia, addiction
to sleeping pills and was on psychiatric support. She also had a hard and lonely childhood but rose about it with a famous career.Her obsession with beauty and perfection had a serve impact on her life and struggle to meet the qualification of society. Being viewed as the "sexiest woman alive" would bring extreme pressure on her to maintain such an image.
Monroe was to shoot her last film, "Something Got To Give", in 1962 but was fired from the cast because of her constant lasteness to filming. When she did show up, she was usually either very intoxicated or heavily sedated. Studios did not want to take chances on her because it would cost them thousands of dollars in delay.
Irreversible Mistake
Sadly, Monroe's punishment was self- inflicted.
She committed suicide on August 4th, 1962. Monroe couldn't handle the pressure of society. She had become an alcoholic and had already been diagnosed with serve depression and depended heavily on drugs.
Monroe's Fate
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