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04.06 Worlds Collide: Assessment

No description

Kassie Miller

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of 04.06 Worlds Collide: Assessment

04.06 Worlds Collide: Assessment
Your completed journal must:

1. include three one-paragraph journal entries
2. in the first entry include a description of your objectives and motivations for exploring and settling in the Americas
3. in the second entry include a description your encounters in the Americas (be sure to describe interactions with Native Americans)
4. in the third entry include a description of the lasting effects of your exploration of the Americas (i.e. What impact did exploration have on Native Americans and on Europe?)
use sensory details (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) in your descriptions for each entry
Archeologists have found some remains of journals. They believe they were made some time in the 1700s. From their predictions they think that these journals belonged to French, Spanish, and Portuguese explorers. They don't have dates on them but they do have amazing facts about first encounters of the Native Americans. Check out these short scripts of each!
Spanish Journal (Just a Theory)
...exploring in southwest direction (Today's South and Central America). Our main mission is to find gold and silver. Another mission is to convert these strangers to the Catholic Church. Even if they do convert though, we are going to take some as slaves. For I see no reason to help them. We weren't sent with very large groups though, I don't think we need many. They only have weak bows and arrows. We have guns. The Catholic Church is very involved with this colonization. These natives live as though they were meant to be slaves. That's all they'll ever be to me. All I want is the gold. That is what's precious to me. The Church can have the people.
French Journal (Just a Theory)
...have been sent on a mission to explore this strange land. We are mostly here for trade and conversions rather than a settlement. From what the Captain says we are headed in a northeastern direction (Canada area). I wonder what I'll see when we get there. What they might have over there...
...Oh what strange people are these! They don't talk like us, dress like us or even live like us! They look to be savages. Poor things.. We traded with them cheese, bread, wheat, coffee, and many other alien objects to them. The savages gave us many magnificent furs, this gold food growing on green, and something they call tobacco...
...Our effect might have truly helped these strange beings. Maybe they can improve they're living with the tools we have given to them. I very much hope so.. They seemed as if they needed our push to get themselves moving... I hope that we return back to them very soon.
Hope you like what I put together! :)
All work is in my own words
All pictures taken by me
Journals are not real

Portuguese Journal (Just a Theory)
(Along the coast of Africa)...I see these people. They have such strange lives. How they dress is almost nothing but rags. We can't even speak to them! We hope to help them just a bit in direction with the religion system. We are suppose to fight for the control of these natives so that we can convert and civilize them. These natives are just as savages. They don't seem to live as good as us. But they are truly interesting to look at. We must communicate to them with body language. It's a tough thing to do but I believe they will understand. It's astonishing because they look at us as if we are the savages! Ha! Me? I have plenty years of education to get to this point. Teaching them of our God might be tricky. I'm hoping they'll except these beliefs. We plan on taking some back to be slaves. It doesn't seem too bad because they already live like them.
By Kassandra L. Miller
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