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Lord of the Flies Background

This is an introductory presentation to The Lord of the Flies, including background information on the time period.

kela weaver

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Background

William Golding
British Society
The Lord of the Flies
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The Lord of the Flies was written during the Cold War, but was based during WWII.
The cold war was a "stand off", where the US fought the spread of communism and nuclear attack from the Sovieet Union.
WWII was a "total war," where allied powers fought the axis powers in their attempt for world domination.
In 1938 Britain tried to avoid war with Germany by Signing the Treaty of Versailles. But when Hitler voided the agreement a few months later, it was clear they had to go to war.
The monarchy exists in conjunction with the Parliment. The royalty of Britian represent the national symbol of the country.
The British are very formal. Showing up late is viewed as very rude.
The British culture is influenced by their idea of courtesy. One would never pass someone on the street without saying hello.
Early Life
During WWII he fought in the Royal Navy.
When it was over he returned to teaching and writing.
photo frame
By William Golding
Soon aerial bombings of the cities began. In order to save future generations from death, civilians, particularly children, were moved to rural areas.
Prior to the Battle of Britain, 3.5 million people were relocated.
The British are also very particular about the way they dress. Blazers, coats, and black-tie are worn on special occasions.
The British pride themselves on their 11 century existence.
Ancient buildings, churches and castles reflect their heritage.
Born September 19, 1911; died June 19, 1993
British novelist, poet and playwright.
He was first interested in science following in the footsteps of his father before transferring to English Literature.
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