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Workplace Safety & Security

June 2013

Julia Wicke

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Workplace Safety & Security

Person Procedures
"Code Blue"
Protection of life and prevention of injury for all staff/clients/visitors
For very serious life threatening situations (i.e. hostage, robbery, etc.)
Duties of Safety Committee
Duties of Employees
Response/Actions of Staff Person Confronted
First Person to Recognize a Threatening Situation
Reception Desk
All Staff
Good Practice to Involve Key Personnel
Bomb Threat
Suspicious Package/Device
Telephone Threat
Written or Electronic Threat
Evacuation Procedures - assemble at the far west end of the parking area - do not leave
Bomb Threat Checklist
Safety and Security


Do not use elevators.... STAIRS ONLY
Verbal notice or fire alarms will sound notice...failure to evacuate is unlawful
Evacuate IMMEDIATELY - proceed to far
west end of parking lot - do not get in car & leave
Remain calm and orderly. Walk, do not run to the nearest exit
Provide assistance to others who may need it
Do not re-enter building before being advised by emergency personnel.
Bomb Threats - Do not evacuate unless told to do so and use only the designated evacuation route
Facility Access and Internal Control

Employees granted unescorted access to the facility through the use of electronic key card system - encouraged to have key card visible.
Clients and visitors MUST be escorted by an employee at all times when in the facility.
Personnel from other agencies who are attending a scheduled meeting may be granted unescorted entry after they have been identified by the receptionist & meeting room destination is verified
Other personnel who require access to the facility to complete essential duties are authorized by the Director.
Loud and boisterous behavior is prohibited.
Attempt to extinguish fire only if safe to do so
Pull emergency alarm/provide verbal notice
Call 911
Evacuate building - proceed to far west end of parking lot - do not leave.
Assist others in need if time/safety allows
Close, but do not lock, doors behind you
Do not re-enter building until advised by emergency personnel
If trapped in room, place a cloth material around the door to prevent smoke from entering room
Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire
Hostage Situation
If aware of a hostage taken:
Immediately notify Sheriff's Dept. dispatch at 911
If safe to do so, remain nearby and advise others not to enter the area
If taken hostage:
Be calm, cooperative & obedient
Do not attempt to escape unless absolutely safe
Remain still...no sudden movement or gestures
Do not make threats or arouse hostility
Look for protective cover in the event of a rescue attempt
If a rescue attempt occurs, drop to ground, keep still, and fully cooperate with authorities until you can be identified
Medical Emergencies
> Call 911
> Give 911 dispatcher precise directions to your location
> Communicate any symptoms to the 911 dispatcher
> Have someone meet emergency medical personnel outside to escort them the quickest way to the patient
> Check the patient for any medic-alert tags/bracelets
> Do not move the patient unless absolutely necessary
Panic Alarm System
A portable panic alarm system has been installed in the building. The portable system can be used by any staff. There are radio receivers located on each floor of the building. When a transmitter is activated, the reception area will receive an audio and visual alarm letting the receptionist know what transmitter has been activated.

Sign out panic alarm providing meeting room number & phone number
Activate panic alarm system if in personal danger
Alarm signal received receptionist will page "
Code Blue
. I repeat
Code Blue
". All available supervisors will either respond to the reception desk or call the reception desk to secure pertinent information.
Supervisors will knock on the door to notify the worker that he/she needs to take an immediate phone call. Once out of the room a decision will be made whether the police should be contacted. If the worker cannot leave the room, the police will be notified by calling 911 from the nearest phone.
If you anticipate a potential problem position your chair to be closest to the door and have another staff person observe, if possible.
ALTERNATIVE SITE: Utilize interview rooms at the Wausau Police Dept.

Remain calm & reassure those around you that everything is okay
Do NOT call 911 unless fire &/or someone is injured
Report outage to Maintenance at 261-6980. If no answer, call courthouse switchboard 261-1000 and they will page maintenance.
After Hours - call Sheriff Department non-emergency number 261-1200.
Turn off light switches
Turn off computer

Weapons, Firearms and other dangerous or hazardous devices or substances
Except by authorized law enforcement officers
Except if used as evidence in a court proceeding
Contact supervisor and police department 261-1200
Prohibited Items
Power Outage
Preventing the Spread of Communicable
Disease Through Body Fluids
> Proper handling of all body fluids will prevent accidental spread of communicable disease
> Spill Care Kits located in janitorial closet on each floor
> Secure and contain area by closing the door or use of "Caution-Wet Floor" signs located in janitorial closet
> Contact maintenance staff to see if they have someone available to respond in a timely manner.
> If maintenance staff not available, secure from janitorial closet the spill care kit, gloves, roll of paper toweling and spray bottle of all purpose general cleaner and proceed to clean-up soiled area
> Place all used paper towels in plastic bio-hazard garbage bag provided in the kit. Seal the bag and place the bag and used gloves in a small cardboard box and arrange delivery to the Marathon County Health Lab for appropriate disposal.
> If clothes have been contaminated, change clothes and shower ASAP. Put soiled clothes in plastic bag and launder separately.
> If you have significant exposure such as splashing of a body fluid in your eyes, mouth or an open lesion, contact a supervisor immediately.
Be as calm as possible
Be totally cooperative
Do NOT argue or resist
Be quick about meeting demands but DON'T make sudden moves
Note distinguishing features of the robber
Call 911 as soon as safe to do so
Code Blue
Note direction/means of travel after robber has departed
Standby to talk to police
Safety Concerns
Check background
Law Enforcement
Other Options
Check with Supervisor
Request a police officer to accompany you on visit
Position yourself nearest to the door
Keep cell phone out & on
Social Worker Self Safety Plan
Parking Lot Security
If meeting at night:
Move your car near the door
Exit the building with other people
If working at night:
Move your car near the door
Safety/Security Checks
The last person out shall turn off any appliances with heating elements, ensure property is secure and lock the door if applicable/practical

At the Beginning of the Work Day, designated management personnel will unlock the facility.
At the End of the Work Day, Maintenance Department personnel shall ensure no unauthorized person has remained inside and the facility is secure.
Incidents or Deficiencies
Security Incident Includes:
Security Incident Includes:
Any criminal activity (assaultive act, damage to property, theft, etc.)
Any condition in the building which appears unusual or suspicious
When a person's words, actions or demeanor appear unusual or suspicious
When a person's words or actions are or may be construed as threatening to anyone in the facility
ALL staff members have a shared responsibility to observe and report any actual or potential safety/security incidents or hazards
Report ANY safety or security incident or hazard to a Supervisor or the Police Department if appropriate at 261-1200
Complete the Marathon County Security Incident Report Form if the Police Department is notified.
Weather Warnings
Severe Thunderstorm Watch or Warning:
> If we are notified of severe thunderstorm watches or warnings, you will be notified via a "National Weather Service" email forwarded
to Thomas Street.

Tornado Watch:
> "National Weather Service" email forwarded to Thomas Street.
> Watch means conditions are likely a tornado could occur

call the receptionist and ask what you need to do.

Tornado Warning:
Employees and Visitors are expected to follow procedures
> Receptionist will make a PA announcement informing employees and visitors to proceed to the basement to take shelter. Receptionist will also notify Credit Union of the same. Place sign in door to notify clients.
> Employees to ensure all visitors/clients are escorted to the basement.
Remain in stairwell if you cannot use stairs.
> Leave doors open
> Supervisors complete quick check of 1st & 2nd floors to ensure that no one is left behind.
> Employees and visitors to remain in basement until the "all clear" is given by a supervisor.
Standard Maintenance Vendors
Designated to have consistent business in specific locations
Issued a vendor badge
Registered in vendor registry EVERY time they visit the building
Land O'Lakes/Canteen Vending
IROW Shredding Services
Genetic Testing Services
Marathon Pest Control
County Employees From Other Departments
Required to be escorted through the building except when scheduled to attend all-county meetings that are held for various topics/reasons.
Should have ID on them
County Departments like Building Maintenance and CCIT (Data Center) have badge access to Social Services and are NOT required to check in at reception.
Clients and Restroom Usage
Clients are permitted to utilize restroom facilities unescorted when waiting for their appointments

Reception is responsible for monitoring clients travel to and from restroom locations to ensure building safety and security
Vendors with Mailboxes
Identified vendors have mailboxes to assist in transmitting referrals to providers
Staff from vendors are not allowed in the building unescorted
Administrative staff will assist vendors and bring up front any contents from their mailbox
Credit Union Staff
Permitted to access building for purposes related to facilitate their security plan such as emergency shelter during inclement weather, emergency exit or robbery escape route.
For any other reason, required to be escorted at all times.
Home Visits

Thank You
+ First Aid +
+ First Aid Kits are located in the janitorial closet on each floor
> Basement = Room 33
> First Floor = adjacent to Room 153
> Second Floor = adjacent to Room 207
+ Kit includes CPR pocket mask with one way valves
** W E L C O M E **
Escalated Client Situations
Prepare for less threatening/potential escalated client situations.
Discuss with Supervisor
Arrange to have a co-worker with you or near by to listen/observe
Meet in location where you can be positioned to be closest to the door ensuring door is unlocked and remains open
Arrange to have co-worker knock on door to advise you to take an immediate phone call to get you to step out of the room - a check-in to ensure all is o.k.
Remain calm and avoid any actions to further upset the client
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