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LPS Curriculum

No description

Jessica Vezina

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of LPS Curriculum

Leominster Public Schools
ELA Curriculum Alignment Process Standards form the framework of the curriculum by stating the most important big ideas, concepts, and skills.

Curriculum is used to refer to lessons as well as courses or whole-year frameworks in a subject. Standards are statements that define what all students need to know, understand and be able to do. The standards are NOT the curriculum, but they are the foundation for the curriculum. plan developed for and by teachers
standards, content, and scope and sequence of content is defined
process of arranging standards and benchmarks as building blocks within a time frame (a unit of weeks, a semester, a school year, or a sequence of years)
interplay among standards, assessments, content, and instruction
describes activities that will lead students to understand the knowledge and skills they should acquire What the assessment data says that students know and are able to do. New Standards Step 1
Standards Step 2:
Instructional Framework Reasonable Implementation Step 3
Alignment of Resources Step 4
Planning Consensus building at all stages
Support needed to implement: professional development and resources
Time: to learn and apply a new curriculum. Pacing may not be on target the first year- learn and reflect What are we doing in ELA in Leominster? DELIVERED ACHIEVED The content specified by the state, district, or school to be addressed in a particular course or at a particular grade level. INTENDED Illustrates how to effectively teach what students should know and be able to do.

The instruction and opportunities to learn that actually occurs in the classroom. C U R R I C U L U M Why do we need to “Deconstruct” the standards? Ensure a common interpretation
Ensure coherence
Review standards vertically- grade below and grade above (How is the standard different or the same at each grade level?) Includes:
Curriculum Standards
Learning Goals/Targets
Essential Questions, Enduring Understandings
Materials/Resources Why do we need an Instructional Framework? Ensures that all students get the instruction they deserve, no matter which teacher they have in front of them.
Pacing guide makes sure everyone gets all of the guaranteed curriculum.
Meaningful collaboration Instructional Framework

􀀹Instructional Strategies
􀀹Scope and Sequence
􀀹Coherent Learning Activities
􀀹Student Opportunities to Learn
􀀹Differentiated Instruction Ensure consistency and adequate materials Step 5
Accountability Common Assessments and Protocols for looking at data Curriculum
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