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This prezi is about some of the few animes my friend and I know. We made this for the Nerd Club at our high school to share some cute and awesome animes,

Mia Woods

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Anime

Anime Eureka Seven Bleach Horrible Amines: Short Series
Are The Best: D. Gray-man Kurau Phantom Memory Classic Flood type anime
Cute love story but has lots of action
50 episodes
Movies: Spirited away Princess Mononoke Really Really Long Animes: This futurestic anime is about a scientist working in the field of alternative energy, who at the beginning of the series is on the verge of a major breakthrough in the area of "Rynax energy". His daughter Kurau accompanies him to the lab on her twelfth birthday, where an experiment goes horribly wrong and she is struck by a bolt of this energy, which knocks her unconscious. Full Metal Alchemist Avatar: The Last Airbender Websites: Justbuds.net
Youtube.com Haruhi Suzumiya the MOHS, is a show basically, about this chick, who is obsessed with people who arent really pepople, like, espers, aliens, and things like that, she makes a group, to raise awearness about this. **Lucky Star** How do i explain lucky star.. hmm.. well, Its basically about this teenage girls doing nothing in highschool. but, its funny. xD and i recomend it Inuyasha Naruto Shippuden 26 episodes

Moribito: Guardian of The Spirt Rumbling hearts
Afro Samurai
Anything with tooo much robots
His and Her Circumstances
UVERworld Sign
FLOW :D Gekidou
UVERworld Innocent Sorrow
Abingdon Boys School With You
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