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State of the City 2016

Tammy Gordon

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Eagle

City of Eagle
State of the City

Presented by the City of Eagle staff and Mayor Stan Ridgeway
City of Eagle

Clerk's Department
Presented by City Clerk and Treasurer
Sharon Bergmann
Welcome New Eagle Businesses
Fund Raising in the City
Building Department

City of Eagle
Community Care Taking
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
Police Department
Presented by Chief Patrick Calley
City of Eagle
Fire Department
Presented by Chief Mike Winkle
Thank you
Public Safety
City of Eagle
Eagle Public Library
Presented by
Library Director Steve Bumgarner
City of Eagle
Eagle Parks and Recreation
Presented by Parks and Recreation Director Mike Aho
Presented by
Building Official Steve Nash
City of Eagle
Water Department
Presented by Water Superintendent Ken Acuff
Closing Remarks
Welcome Guests!
City of Eagle
Boards and Commissions
Thank you to all who serve
Design Review Board
Eagle Arts Commission
Historic Preservation Commission
Industrial Development Corporation
Library Board
Parks and Pathways Development Commission
Planning & Zoning Commission
Transportation Committee
2016 Town Hall Meetings - Each Quarter
City of Eagle
February 29
May 31
August 29
October 31
6:30 pm Eagle City Hall
City of Eagle
Dave Rioux
City of Eagle
Wayne Hancock
City of Eagle
Jenessa Hansen
City of Eagle
Steve Noyes
City of Eagle
Caitlin Straubinger
City of Eagle
Christina Coates
City of Eagle
Essential Functions of the City Clerk
Acts as the custodian of:
The City Seal
All Public Records
Agendas and Minutes
Ordinances and Resolutions
Orders of the City Council
Oversees Fixed Assets and
Records Retention
City Licensing and Permits
Human Resources
Essential Functions of the Treasurer
Acts as Custodian of All Monies
Reviews and Submits All Claims
Prepares and Publishes All Financials
Monitors Cash Flow
Prepares Revenue and Expenditures for
Supervises Accounts Receivable/Payable
Supervises Payroll

Eagle Historical Museum
Presented by
Museum Coordinator Alana Dunn
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
Building Department
Presented by IT Systems Administrator
Annie Lloyd
City of Eagle
Planning and Zoning Department
Nichoel Baird Spencer – Long Range/Comprehensive Planning
Mike Williams – Floodplain & Current Planning
City of Eagle
Inspectors and Plan Reviewers
Barb Williams – Design Review
Holly Csencsits – Current Planning
Emily Gero
Administrative Clerk
Molly Thurston - Permit Technician
Shayna Lopez - Permit Technician
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
Presented by Zoning Administrator William Vaughan
Randy Upson and Steven Wiesner
New Initiatives
Historic Preservation and Arts Commission
Eagle Market
Eagle Fun Days
Joint Powers Agreement
Ada County Commissioners
Visiting Businesses
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
City of Eagle
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