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Rosa MN

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of lenovo

External Analysis
Internal Factors
VRIO Analysis:

Lenovo is a US$34 billion personal technology company and the world's largest PC vendor. We have more than 33,000 employees in more than 60 countries serving customers in more than 160 countries.
Did You Know That...
is a fusion of "
" and "
", meaning new in Latin
Lenovo: A Chinese dragon in the global village
Effective management systems
Cost optimized production
Vast network of distribution and sales channels
High quality standard
Communication with
their customers for feedback

Tangible: international manufacturing plants
Intangible: management, processes, knowledge and talents
Large percentages of the salaries to bonuses that reflect the team’s efforts and contribution
Strong networks of suppliers, partners and distribution channels

Balancing localisation and globalisation?
" We are global company that thinks local"
Lenovo applies a Transnational Strategy:
Same basic competitive strategy theme in all country markets
Customize products and sell different versions in different countries
Local managers adapt the global approach to accommodate local buyer preference and are responsive to local market needs and competitive conditions.

Porter's Analysis
Existing rivalry: High
Threat of new entrants: Low
Power of suppliers: Medium
Power of buyers: Medium
Threat of substitutes: Low
Given this, it is suggested to address more the Public Sector. They should think better before choosing a global ambassador, since personal problems of their testimonials could be indelibly linked to the brand (Ronaldinho and its problems with escorts).
Lately consumers are more and more driven in their buying behavior by the possibility to self-customize their own products: Lenovo should improve their website selling option worldwide as more of its competitors are doing.
Potential market for expansion: Asia, as the U.S. is a slowly growing market.
Try to beat a stereotype: "Chinese-means low quality"
Strengthen its own brand after the expiration of IBM brand use.

Brendan Staun
Kimberly Shea
Rosa MN

Take advantage of the next phase of PC technology
What is Lenovo's current competitive position?
Government stability
China member of WTO
Energy and environment policy
Modern technological society
Population growth
Social mobility

Increasingly technology has become more cost effective and affordable
Both state pressure to adhere to environmental standards
Consumers increasingly environmental conscious
Economic crisis
Chinese currency depreciation
Increased disposable income
Raised standards of living
Domestic and international obligations and opportunities
Scientific quality management and protection
Porters 5 Forces
Protect & Attack
Company culture
How can Lenovo maintain or increase its PC industry market share and margin over time?

Increasing Market Share
1) Aim to be the prestige PC brand
2) Target an emerging economy with high growth potential
3) Target the hybrid market

Aim to be the prestige PC brand
“A highly desirable brand or a completely unique product in heavy demand by your customer's customers will pull your products through the customer's own organization more easily.” Tech Target
Target the hybrid market
Target an emerging economy
1. We
before we pledge.
2. We
as we promise.
3. We
the company first.
4. We
improving every day.
5. We
new ideas.

Core Capabilities:
Low Cost Production
Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

Larger Growth Potential
Easier to Establish Brand

Middle East & Africa

India: “Young India prefers specs over brand name” Huffington Post 12/06/15
Latin America: “a necessity for large corporations trying to accelerate their growth” Strategic Business

Unpredictable Regulatory Environment
Volatile Currency Fluctuations
Higher Political Risk
Ahrens, N. & Zhou, Y., 2013, China's Competitiveness, Center for Strategic & International Studies, January 2013 Case Study
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How might Lenovo develop its international strategy?

To recap

• Consistently declining margins in the PC industry
• Continuous exit of major industry players (e.g. HP)
• Lenovo’s initial opposition to PC industry trends
• Founded as an assembler for licensed computers
• Established as ‘Legend’, manufacturing PCs in-house

AAA Triangle
AAA Triangle
• Aim: to attain economies of scale and scope
• Approach: via global product standardization
• Subcategories: regional or geographic

In the case of Lenovo,
• First international expansion phase
• Focus on Asia-Pacific region for competitive position
• Attack strategy to introduce ‘Global Pad offering’

• Aim: to achieve absolute economies globally
• Approach: via international specialization
• Focuses on diversity and differentiation

In the case of Lenovo,
• Third international expansion phase
• 2 International divisions (mature vs. emerging)

• Triple A Framework also depends on firm’s operations
• Advertisement-focused firms should use adaptation
• R&D-concentrated companies should use aggregation
• Labour-intensive corporations should use arbitrage

• Aim: to boost revenues and market share
• Approach: via local responsiveness
• Subcategories: variation, focus, externalization, design and innovation

In the case of Lenovo
• Variation: Business-purpose PCs vs. Consumer PCs
• Variation: attack strategy on global MIDH market
• Focus: vertical integration or internalization methods
• Externalization: joint venture with Japan’s NEC in 2011

Competitive Landscape
What internationalization strategy do you think Lenovo should pursue?
(This doesn't need to be limited to the AAA Framework)
Arbitrage - manufacturing plants located across regions
Aggregation - strong vertical integration and supply chain

Risks - psychic distance, regional incompatibilities, late-mover firm disadvantages
PC market is driven by:
Technological advances
Disposable income of the consumer
Corporate Spending cycles

Profitability is driven by:
Supply chain efficiency
Ancillary products and services
Economies of scale

What do you think are the main issues facing Lenovo?

Asus has first mover advantage.
41% of North America Market

Lenovo hybrid sales increased from 6% to 31% from 2013 to 2014
(Campus Technology 24/06/15)

Key Success Factors
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