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How Does Littering Affect the Environment?

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Olivia Lapointe

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of How Does Littering Affect the Environment?

By: Olivia LaPointe

How Does Littering Affect the Environment?
When people litter, wild animals suffer, get injured, become ill, and die each year due to human carelessness with litter and pollution. Animals can swallow or get tangled in many of the litter items people leave in the environment.

How Does Littering Affect Humans?
When we litter the earth fills with trash and we wouldn't have space to live. Also when trash decays it grows bacteria and people would get sick.
Improvement Design
There is currently many things being done with the problem of littering. To help stop it, I think we should increase the fine on littering. I think we should invest some money into researching how to recycle more types of objects. This could increase jobs too. Everyone needs a life worth living, but you need somewhere to live first.

The problem with Littering
Litter is a problem because it damages areas where we live, work and play areas for children. It also possess a threat to the public health due to the harm caused on water systems, oceans as well as rivers.
It kills the environment and increase the amount of global warming. Global warming is the melting of polar ice caps.
It affects humans because it kills the environment and makes the Earth a not-so-happy place to live.
Current Steps/Measures

It can make the earth a cleaner place in more way than one. it can make the air cleaner. If we didn't have to focus so much on the earth's health we could put all of our focus into other problems, lame homelessness. Imagine what that could do for humanity.
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