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Z. Green, A. Baskerville, B. Moore

Brianna Moore

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of HAZING

HAZING What is hazing? Some say its a way to build character, and development and constitute growth. ..but to others its extreme pranking slowly destroying the lives and well being of those being hazed. Innocent Hazing Hazing taken too far well... Should it stay? ..or be thrown away? ..but generally speaking, hazing is a series of non- life threatening, strenuous and humiliating events bestowed upon potential members of fraternities/sororities,military camps, athletic teams, bands and even clubs. Well, some colleges and universities still partake in hazing. But why? Because about 95% of students that have admitted to being hazed, didn't even report it to campus officials They think its not really a big deal and
that the adults wouldn't handle the situation
properly. In fact 9 out of 10 students that have seen such behavior
don't even consider it to be hazing. So why such a big fuss? Hazing: "School Daze Clip" Hazing has now become associated with such negativity, people forget what its sole purpose truly is. ...to help, not to harm Fraternities and Sororities are groups that can bring individuals from all walks of
life together to accomplish greatness. and will only do harm if irresponsibility and negligence is present. So if adult supervision is encouraged, and a series of safe non-physical acts take place... Hazing would no longer be considered a grotesque monster taking its tole on innocent pledges. Because rather than fatality, and physical harm, the implementation of encouraging words, motivation, and volunteer work could give hazing a more positive and exuberant image. Remember, hazing can be fun, but should not be fatal. And students should execute sufficient ways of group initiation, not be executed as a result. And any on or off campus activities should be
done with caution! And last but certainly not least! If you see a friend, fellow classmate, or an
acquaintance being wrongfully persecuted... SAY SOMETHING! Don't just brush it off as if it never happened And with that, we have reached the end.

Are there any questions, comments, or concerns? By: Zia Hymes-Green,Brianna Moore, and Audrianna Baskeville
3.14. 2013
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