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food and fitness

eng 1102 final

Jose Detre

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of food and fitness

Double click anywhere & add an idea Healthy Campus:
Better Food Choices and a Fitness Center/Room on Campus To persuade students to support the ideas of having healthier food options at the cafeteria and an adequate area for sports and activities on campus. PURPOSE INTRODUCTION This presentation is a compilation of researched information since January 11, 2010. The research focuses around the problem of Edison College’s lack of healthy food choices and the absence of a fitness room on campus. The presentation will also discuss some health issues that are on campus and provide common sense recommendations to create a healthier campus. PROBLEM Edison’s Lee campus does not provide enough healthy food choices nor provide a fitness room to its students. Consequently, Edison is contributing to the high rate of obesity that is increasing in the United States of America (Jia, Haomiao and Lubetkin, Erica). After a review of the menu selection of the Garden Café (Edison’s Lee campus cafeteria), only 4 out of 29 food items would be considered a good candidate as a healthy food choice (“Garden Café”). HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES FITNESS ROOM According to a study published by the Journal of American College Health (JACH) approximately 56% of college students believed that exercise was the best way to improve health (Daisye et al. 483). Not only will exercise improve physical well being, but it will help students to feel better about themselves by improving mood and aiding concentration on schoolwork (“Keeping fit in college”). “When health is absent; wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied.”
- Eerophilus of Chaledon (Greek Physician 335-280 B.C.)
Tropical Café menu sample
www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com Students don't have time to drive
off campus to get a healthy meal nor exercise. EAT healthy foods! Obesity is the leading cause of death in America (Boyle and LaRose) Our nutritional habits play an important role in a healthy life and several risks factors contribute to heart disease, including high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, and type II diabetes (American Heart Association). Proximity and availability of facilities are important for college students to become involved in healthier activities (Boyle and LaRose). RECOMMENDATIONS
TO EDISON offer a variety of food options with easy monetary availability for all students considering nutritional factors, dietary necessities, and ethnic differences.
Select an area on Lee Campus thAT IS CENTRALLY LOCATED as a fitness room.
POSSIBALY Create a run/walk route around campus using established sidewalks.
1 2 Initiate a fit campaign on campus by:
a. spring board off of First Lady Michelle Obama’s call to Let’s Move campaign by posting her message to students and faculty. (America’s move to raise a Healthier Generation of Kids, Feb 2010)
b. Post MyPhramid posters around campus to highlight good eating practices (see below).
c. Post “Ways to stay fit on campus” posters. (Brantley, Amy, 2007)
3 conclusion These recommendations are to be implemented gradually but purposefully. If no action is taken, our generation and future generations of students will be drastically affected by obesity (Jia, Haomiao). Presented to: Student's of Edison College

By: Brittni Dickerson; Jose Detre; Nipa Huda;
Viviana Jaramillo; Yvon Fatal

eng 1102, Monday evening
edison state college
3 may 2010 Students of Edison State College should have the benefits of healthier food choices and recreational/fitness center on campus. THESIS MyPyramid.gov As we have illustrated, Edison College’s lack of healthy food choices and the absence of a fitness room on campus is evident. We discussed some of the sensible recommendations to create a healthier campus and strongly urge your support in our proposal. Thank you for your consideration of our proposals to make a great campus an even greater one. Dr. Kenneth P. Walker, President of Edison College, stated, “…Edison must be prepared to provide stimulating activities that not only foster scholastic excellence but build character, fitness and a sense of well-being.” (Walker, Kenneth, 2008)
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