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Little House On The Prairie

By : Laura Ingalls Wilder

camryn johnston

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Little House On The Prairie

Soultion The whole family has problem's with the indians. Problem The theme of this book is facing your fears, working with your family and community to survive. Theme Opinion Brave Laura Pa Rising Action Falling Action Little House On The Prairie The indians declared war, but the head leader said no and they left. My opinion of this book is wonderful. This is a book if you really want to know how pioneers lived long ago. This book is based on true events that happend to Laura when she was little. Brave By : Laura Ingalls Wilder Setting The setting is on the prairie, mostly at their house , and in the wilder Characters ma pa baby Carrie Mary Laura jack The whole family is getting ill. The doctor and Mrs.scott came over and helped them. They found out that the cause is mosquitoes. smart respectful Responsible Smart Responsible Thinks of others. Intelligent Laura said : " Oh , Mr. Edwards, I wish you wouldn't go away Oh, Mr. Edwards , thank you , thank you for going all the way to Independence to find Santa Clause for us". Caring Pa said : " You've been a good neighbor , Scott and I'm sorry to leave you ". The rising action is the whole family has to survive events like disease, weather, and enemies. The falling action is they survive from the fire, the indians move, and cured from malaria.
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