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Invasive Plant Species-kudzu

No description

Alyssa Sanders

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Invasive Plant Species-kudzu

Kudzu by Alyssa Sanders and Taylor Wittenborn Where it is found Kudzu is found in the United States,
Canada,Vanuatu, and Fiji. Discription Kudzu is a climbing, semi-woody,
perennial vine in the pea family.
It has deciduous leaves that are alternate and compound, with three broad leaflets up to four inches across.
The individual flowers are about 1/2 inches long, purple, highly fragrant, and borne in long hanging clusters.
Threats to the Enviornment Kudzu kills or degrades other plants by
smothering them under a solid
blanket of leaves, girdling woody
stems and tree trunks, and breaking
branches or uprooting entire trees
and shrubs through the sheer force
of its weight.
Ways to get rid of it.. Crown Removal
Uses of this plant Soil improvment and preservation
Animal feed
People also use it's fiber to make clothing, paper, and wall paper
It's also used to make soap, lotions, compost, and jelly
Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudzu
Google images
Scientific name Pueraria montana ;)
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