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The Last Leaf By O. Henry

No description

Lizzie Ndegwa

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Last Leaf By O. Henry

Written By: O. Henry The Last Leaf William Sydney Porter known for his pen name O. Henry was an American Writter. His short stories are known for there wit, wording, and the twisted endings. While in prison O. Henry started to write short stories to support his daughter. He died of liver problems on June 5, 1910, in New York. He died a great writer. Summary The story takes place in New York City where to women share an apartment. Johnsy comes down with pneumonia and decided that she would die when the last leaf drops from a dying vine outside her window. Finally, Johnsy wanted to get better. Then Sue informed her of old Behrman’s death from pneumonia and how he sacrificed his life to paint the last leaf on the wall just to give her hope to survive . Review This story shows someone that even being very ill it takes the courage and the support of your friends to get better in life.

I give this story 4 stars. I really enjoyed it. It was like a real life situation. It shows the real meaning of friendship. And how having great friends is all you need. Recommend Or Not I would recommend this short story to my classmates. I think that its a really inspirational story, and it shows how having friends in your life is important. Also it is good to be kind to people even if the are wrong.

Other short story's that I would recommend to the class are The Gift Of The Magi, The Princess And The Puma Background Information About O.Henry Porter in his 30's Sue was the friend of Johnsy and a young artist from Maine.

Johnsy was the petite woman that had come down with pneumonia.

Mr. Behrman was their neighbor who painted the last leaf on the side of the wall to help Johnsy survive. The Characters In The Story
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