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No description

daniel selskiy

on 28 April 2010

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how to roast the perfect marshmallow If you would like to have the perfectly roasted marshmallow with out burning your house down follow these exact steps. you will need: Fire wood

Long clean metal/wood rod

Bag of marshmallows


fire pit

Fire extinguisher
step one: Take fire wood and put it like this in the fire pit. like a pyramid.... Then light the fire with the matchs by striking the match on the
coarse side of the match box, hold the wood end of the match, red end pointing away from you. hand here
light the wood "pyramid" using some paper in the middle, if you were succesful the wood should start lighting and should not go out. Then get the long clean metal/wooden rod and put on several
marshmallows from the bag. Begin roasting the marshmallow above the flame, not in it. Do not touch any of the wood
that is on fire as it does not taste very good. Do not let the marshmallow light on fire, the burnt outside does not taste yummy. If you have been succesful the inside of the marshmallow should be gooey, soft, stickey and warm. The outside should be brown and not sticky....

THE END Oh, and the fire extuinguisher is for when the fire is out of control,
please look into the fire extuinguisher manual on how to use it.......
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