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In five Years (Mrs. Zirbel)

No description

Bobby McNealy

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of In five Years (Mrs. Zirbel)

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 16, 1999.
5 years
I hope to go to Central high school and do really good in cross country or soccer. I want to have really good grades and get a scholar ship for college. I am not sure what college I want to go to yet. I want to graduate as an honors student.
In my 30s I want to be a lawyer. I want to become a lawyer because I am good a debating and I can bust people for lying really well. My mom always said I should become a lawyer. It takes around 10 extra years of school but it makes you really good money.
What I also want to do in 20 years
In my 30s I want to own a huge mansion. I will hire security guards and build a huge lake in my front and back yard. I will also have two kids. One boy and one girl. There names will be decided when they are born.
45 years from now
In my 50s I want to travel to Hawaii with my family. We will fly on a plane to get their and I will pay for everything. Our kids would come too.
What else I want to do in 45 years
In my 50s I want to travel around the world to every country. I will fly my private jet with everything I want on it. I would start in America the travel to South America and so on. It has been a dream/goal for me for a really long time. My family and friends can come along as well if they want to.
I die.
Last but not least
In my 60s and up I will live in Coasta Rica. It is by the ocean and I will relax and retire there. I will visit my children and grand children but that is about it. My butler will make me food and go to the store for me. I will have friends visit me as well. It will be a fun, good life.
20 years from now
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