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No description

Isaac Armaswalker

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Tyro

Tyro (noun)
Part of speech: noun
Definition: a beginner in learning anything; novice
Name: Isaac Armaswalker

Tyro (noun)
sentence: In fact, the merest tyro in military matters knows where the fault lies.
Tyro (noun)
sentence: Everyone is a tyro in life.
Tyro (noun)
synonyms: abecedarian, amateur, apprentice, cadet
Tyro (noun)
sentence: Whether you're a vacationing tyro or a big-name pro, there's a wave here with your name on it.
work cited

Tyro (noun)
word origin/history: 1610s, from Medieval Latin tyro, variant of Latin tiro (plural tirones) "young soldier, recruit, beginner," of unknown origin.
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