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The Real Macbeth

No description

Nina Lunn

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Real Macbeth

The Real Macbeth Sandeep Dcunha, Nina Lunn, Makayla Pardo Macbeth's Rule Shakespeare's Macbeth vs.
the "Real" Macbeth The Real Macbeth Differences External Relations Reign The Real Macbeth Happy Ending? Family Ties! Who was he really? Killed King Duncan in August 1040
King Duncan was Macbeth's Cousin Killed by Duncan's son (Malcolm Canmore or Malcolm III) in 1057 Scotland was able to hold borders against Northumbria and against Thorfinn (famous Jarl in many stories)
Alba (Gaelic for Scotland) was in relative safety during this time The Real Macbeth was not the evil murderer portrayed in Shakespeare's play. Macbeth was a respected king and ruled from 14 to 17 years. Macbeth was a respected king
he developed "humane" laws protecting women and children
Macbeth had strong leadership qualities and ruled successfully for 14-17 years. King of Scotland for 14-17 years Mac Bethad mac Findláich - born in c. 1005. encouraged Christianity equal ruling, fair laws Married Gruoch
Gruoch was his cousin's widow
Marriage strengthened right to throne http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/macbeth.shtml (UK BBC)
www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofScotland/DuncanMacbeth/ (Historic UK)
www.sff.net/people/catherine-wells/machome.htm (Will the Real Macbeth Please Stand Up?)
http://ahsaplit2012-2013.wikispaces.com/Macbeth+History+Group+1 (used for family tree)
http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/macbeth/Holinshed/index.html (Shakespeare Navigators)
http://www.shakespeare-online.com/sources/macbethsources.html (Shakespeare Online) Ruled for 14-17 years
Passed many "humane" laws protecting women and children
Felt secure enough in rule to visit Rome in 1050
Distributed silver by "throwing it about" (tradition for visiting heads of state) B Bibliography Similarities Macbeth was King of Scotland
Son of Findlaech of Moray
came into power in 1040 when he killed Duncan Shakespeare mixed fact and fiction in his play to make it more exciting. Within what appears to be a brilliant play, Shakespeare has twisted the reality of who King Macbeth really was. Macbeth was portrayed as an "evil" or anti-heroic king in Shakespeare's play Macbeth had a respectable claim to the throne through his mother's side as well as through his wife In the play, Macbeth did not claim the throne on his own behalf Shakespeare has changed many facts of who the real Macbeth was, versus who the play portrays him to be. Shakespeare portrayed Macbeth as the murderer of Duncan so he could claim the throne. Macbeth may have killed Duncan in battle rather than by assassination The play only
occurs throughout
the course of one
year. Shakespeare changed many of the locations where specific events took place. Shakespeare set the battle between Duncan and Macbeth in 1040 at Birnam Hill in Perthshire rather than in Forres where it actually took place. Other Happenings Laws were recorded (did not always happen)
Queen donated land to Church Macduff, Shakespeare's killer of Macbeth is not known to have existed. The real Macbeth was killed by Malcolm III (or one of his men).
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