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Adelie Penguins

No description

Isabel Genn

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Adelie Penguins

Research Question: In what ways do climate change impact Adelie penguins and their ecosystem?
Background of Adelie Penguins
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In what ways do climate change impact Adelie penguins and their ecosystem?
Climate Change Impacting The Adelie Penguin's Ecosystem
Sea ice, which makes up an Adelie penguin's ecosystem, is rapidly disappearing in Antarctica as well as other parts of the world (source: World Wildlife Fund)
Their main diet, fish, krill, and squid, is becoming increasingly less and less accessible as other predators, such as the Minke whales (which eat 2000 times the amount of food an Adelie penguin eats) compete for the food in areas where the food is abundant (source: Penguin Science)
Deep-sea algae, the prey of Antartic krill, lives at the nutrient-rich region of bottom pack-ice, but when pack-ice disappear, so do they (source: University of Michigan)
In what ways do climate change impact Adelie penguins and their ecosystem?
Adelie penguins are particularly vulnerable to rapid climate change because of their ice-dependent lifestyles, and their at-sea activities, which take up 90% of their life, is dependent on pack ice (source: University of Michigan):
The Adelie's food source, Antarctic krill, commonly are located about 70 meters below the surface of the ocean where their prey is near the pack-ice, and sometimes the penguins have to dive down to 175 meters
Need firm, frozen, rocky places (typically close to ice) for nesting which provide a secure place for their eggs and protection from predators
In what ways do climate climate impact Adelie penguins and their ecosystem?
Major Threat: Climate Change
Climate change is the significant and lasting change in the distribution of weather patterns over the course of a period of years (source: Wikipedia). These rising temperatures have created changes in rainfall, which has resulted in more frequent floods, droughts, and heat waves. Additionally, the world's oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, glaciers (such as the ones Adelie penguins use) are melting, and sea levels are rising (source: Environmental Protection Agency).
The Future for Adelie Penguins If Climate Change Continues
Fading Flora and Fauna: Adelie Penguins
By Isabel Genn
Live on the Antarctic continent and its surrounding coastal islands (source: National Geographic)
Spend their winters in the seas surrounding Antarctic pack ice (source: National Geographic)
Has a lifespan of up to 20 years (source: National Geographic)
Their main diet consists of krill, but they are also known to eat fish and squid (source: National Geographic)
Average height: about 27.5 inches (70 cm) (source: National Geographic)
Sometimes referred to as "creatures of the pack-ice" (source: International Penguin Conservation Work Group)
Climate Change Impacting Adelie Penguins
While Adelie penguins aren't endangered today, 75% of the Adelie penguins will most likely decline or disappear if global average temperatures exceed pre-industrial levels by 2 degrees Celcuis which could be reached in less than 40 years (source: World Wildlife Fund). In addition, if Adelie penguins become this critically endangered, then many of their predators (outlined in the food chain) will suffer and decline in numbers as a result.
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Map of where Adelie penguins live and breed in Antarctica, source adelie.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
A picture of an Adelie penguin waddling, source National Geographic
An Adelie Penguin Food Chain:
Deep-Sea Algae (rely on Antarctic pack-ice to live)
Antarctic Krill
Adelie Penguins
Leopard Seals and Killer Whales (at sea)
Giant Petrels and Skuas (on land)
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