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The Salem Witch Trials

No description

Baylie Magee

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials

Religious Context
The Salem Witch Trials began in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay during 1692.
Bridget Bishop
Forms of Execution
The most common forms of execution for the accused witches was burning, drowning, and hanging. Burning was favored more since it seemed to be a more painful way to die.
Giles Corey
Executed for not pleading Guilty or non-guilty for Witchcraft.
Giles Corey was arrested for Witchcraft on April 18, 1692 along with Bridget Bishop, Abigail Hobbs, and Mary Warren. Although, Giles wouldn't plead guilty or non-guilty; Abigail Hobbs confessed to the authorities that Giles was a "Warlock."
In the trial Mercy Lewis v. Giles Corey, Lewis stated " "I saw the Apparition of Giles Corey come and afflict me urging me to write in his book and so he continued most dreadfully to hurt me by times beating me & almost breaking my back till the day of his examination being the 19th of April and then also during the time of his examination he did affect and torture me most grievously: and also several times sense urging me vehemently to write in his book and I verily believe in my heart that Giles Corey is a dreadful wizard for sense he had been in prison he or his appearance has come and most grievously tormented me."
Corey refused to plead again.
Corey refused to take stand at trial which dictated death but, meant that
his lands would go to his two sons in law rather then the state. on Monday,
September 19, corey was stripped naked and placed upon boards, where
rocks were piled upon him until he was crushed under the enormous weight.
Sarah Good
Accused, prosecuted, executed.
Largely disliked by the community, Sarah Good was a very easy- and in the minds of the people, likely suspect in the hunt for Abigail and Betty's "tormentors". Good was initially accused on March 6th, 1692 after the girls shouted out names of three townspeople during a fit. Her trial began on March 25th, under the accusation of practicing witchcraft and rejecting puritan beliefs. During her trial, she was testified against by multiple neighbors, her husband, and her four year old daughter- who was also forced into claiming to be a witch -and was sentenced to execution. Despite her sealed fate, Good strongly proclaimed her innocence until the very end, stating "I'm no more a witch than you are a wizard, take my life and God will give you blood to drink." Good was pregnant at the time of her arrest and gave birth to a daughter while in prison.

The Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch Trials were know as a series of hearings and prosecutions that resulted in the executions of at least twenty individuals, the majority being women.
After experimenting with the practice of fortune telling, Elizabeth "Betty" Parris, along with her cousin Abigail, fell to the supposed 'afflictions' of screaming, fits, and sobbing. Reportedly, throwing a bible across the room in the midst of an episode. With little else to explain the girl's strange conditions, the town looked to the supernatural. Accusing multiple community outcasts of Witchcraft.
Dominated by Puritan secular beliefs, life was governed by the precepts of the Church. With the belief that the majority of worldly things, such as dolls, instrumental music, dancing, et cetera, held roots to paganism and would result in damnation, the Salem Village fell very easily to the witch hysteria.

Considering the "black magic" a threat to their very lives, trial and execution of the accused witches was reached easily.
Works Cited
Bridget Bishop was one of the nineteen executed in Salem, Massachusetts on June 10,1692. Bridget was a lady who didn't care about what society thought of her, this made her more of a target. Bridget started to develop a crazy behavior of playing forbidden games during the late hours of the night. In the middle of April, Bridget was arrested for her warrant with charges of performing witchcraft and "talking" with the devil. Many of the women in the courthouse believed Bishop was causing them pain but Bishop swore she was innocent. Bishop's crazy ways led to more evidence against her. Even Bishop's brother-in-law swore that he saw her contorting with the devil who came into her body. On June 10, 1692, Bishop was executed by being hung on Gallows Hills. Another fact about Bridget Bishop is that she was the first person executed in the Salem witch trials.
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Names of people executed
Bridget Bishop
Rebecca Nurse
Sarah Good
Elizabeth Howe
Susannah Martin
George Burroughs
George Jacobs,Sr.
John Proctor
Martha Corey
Mary Eastey
Mary Parker
Ann Pudeator
Wilmot Redd
Samuel Wardwell
Martha Carrier
Sarah Wildes
John Willard
Alice Parker
Margaret Scott
Giles Corey (one accused wizard-male witch)
Rebecca Nurse
Rebecca Nurse was an old sick lady by the age of 71 years old, accused for witchcraft on March 24, 1692. Many accusations were made towards Nurse but all Nurse would say is "I can say before my Eternal Father I am innocent and God will clear my innocency." Even though many more accusations were made about Nurse being the cause of their torment, Nurse still confessed she was guilty. The judges tried asking her in different ways about the witchcraft to try to getNurse to confess but all she was doing was wasting time. After lots of time of trying to get Nurse to confess, Judge Hawthorne finally said that Rebecca Nurse would be executed for charges of practicing witchcraft on July 19th, 1692.
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