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Should students have cellphones in elementary and high schoo

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katie stucky

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Should students have cellphones in elementary and high schoo

Opposing side Belifs:
The opposing side belives students could use a calculator on the phone or find the answers online.
Also, students could text their friends during school hours. Some student's families do not have enough money to buy a cell phone, that would be unfair to those without a phone. Also, phones could become lost at school.
Reason #3
Third, if a student forgets their lunch,they can easily contact their parent or guardian so that someone can bring it. This is also true for forgotten homework. We all have those forgetful days!
Also, if they miss the bus or forget they were supposed to be a car rider, they can alert their parent. If the school bus breaks down or is late for some reason, they can call their parents so that they do not worry.

What if your child was in a dangerous situation and your child was able to be saved by using their phone because the teacher could not reach the phone in time? Students can possibly save themselves from dangerous situations, and instead of taking notes, students could record the lessons and play them back to study. Phones are like computers, but smaller, lighter, and cost a lot less!
Reason #1
First, if a child gets kidnapped from their bus stop, they can call 911 or the parents can track down the phone with a GPS app to save the child. Also, some students have afterschool activites. If students bring their phones to school, then their parents can contact their child to make sure they are safe.
*Main Question*
Should students be allowed to have cell phones in elementary and high school?

Some believe that cell phones should not be allowed in school. I believe differently. A cell phone could save a child, if they were in danger. It could also help in education. A child could record what the teacher says.
Should students have cellphones in elementary and high school?
Although, students having their phones out during school could possibly cause a distraction, it could also possibly save a child's life. And therefore, students should be able to have their phones at school.
Reason #2
Second, students can use their cell phone to help with school. There are so many different schools with textbooks for every grade level. Instead of using big and heavy textbooks, students could use the online textbook. Also, instead of taking time to copy down everything the teacher says, the student could record the teacher's lesson on their phone and play it back to study.
Finally, although students bringing their cell phone to school could cause a distraction, it could also be used as a great learning tool.
The bad days of forgotten assignments, lunches, or plans that were made could be no more.
With all that said...the best part would be when a cell phone saves the life of a student or even their classmates.



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