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Khan Academy

No description


on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Khan Academy

What IS Khan Academy? Khan Academy is a non profit organization designed to tutor kids anywhere in Math, Science, and other subjects using videos and modules with the goal of providing a world class education

It was created by Salman Khan who wanted a way to tutor his nieces without intimidating them. Salman Khan is a graduate from MIT with a BS in mathematics and electrical engineering and a MS in computer sciences.
He also has an MBA from Harvard Business school.

In 2004, he started to post math videos on YouTube . Now in his website (www.Khanacademy.org) he has over 3,000 videos and over 200,000,000 lessons taught. What Makes Khan Academy So Important? - Khan academy uses a variety of individualized statistics that show kids (and adults) how well they are doing on a certain subject: Activity: Focus: 2. Progress over time: Shows how many kills you have completed over time 1. Skill Progress: Shows which skills you've worked on and completed. they also provide a vast library on their subjects Shows how much work you're doing each day Shows how well you've focused on skills and topic areas. 3. 4. What does Khan Academy have? Videos Exercises... And Badges (or Achievements) Learn at your own pace! Khan Academy provides branches in its knowledge map to help you learn at your own pace, getting into harder math concepts after finishing the previous activity or video. Easy -->
Hard. Learn AT YOUR OWN PACE!! Stars to
Planets to
Universe! Khan Academy is available to anyone around the world, FREE !

It receives support from Bill Gates and Google. Innovation! Salman Khan does not want to change the class room, but he wants to leave boring learning and introduce a new and fun way to learn. Bill and Melinda gates foundation Who is Salman Khan? Just counting
my achievements... 1. Mastery Of Content: *~10 minute videos
*Modules/activities to make you faster This Isn't Only For the Classroom..... Social Value: -For the Disabled
-For the Poor anywhere
-College students
-The elderly
ANYONE!!!!! Measure yourself! Badges for bragging rights A global Classroom!! Millions of kids around the world uses it every day. Thousands of lessons are being taught and thousands of activities are being used.

Anyone can use it to get an education without being left behind. Thank You! This is the end, but most certainly the beginning.... uncompleted proficient Learn!! Fun! Leaves for points. Best Button ever!! From Basic Arithmetic
to calculus. *BS is Bachelor of science
*MS is mater of science
*MBA is Master of Business Administration A Motivator Challenge Patches are special awards for completing topic challenges. ONWARD history! Art! Science! Humanities! Math! Test Prep! See how you grow What else you can do Sick Number Games (Vi Hart) Graphing Inequalities (Salman Khan)
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