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Ancient Chinese Art

by Udara Fernando & Justin Schwartzse​id

Udara F

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Art

Chinese Art Dates back to before written history
Earliest work made with stones and rock (before they learned to work with metal)
After they learned to use metals, Bronze Age; then Stone Age, then Neolithic Stone Age
Each dynasty and religion had a strong impact on Chinese Art
Nature was a huge inspiration, especially landscapes
Birds and flowers were often subjects
(All the three religions encouraged developing a love for nature and had many concepts that revolved around becoming one with nature)
Art Forms: Painting, calligraphy, sculpture, pottery, folk arts, paper cuts and metal arts Calligraphy Chinese scripts are generally divided into five categories:
seal character (zhuan),
official or clerical script (li)
regular script (kai)
running hand (xing)
cursive hand (cao) Ancient
Art Began with the hieroglyphs and, over the years, has developed various styles China during the first century was the art form known as papercuts
Since the Chinese were the ones that invented paper they were the first to develop an art form using the new found material
Used to decorate the homes of people; some women would even use them in their hair
Used to be buried with the dead or were burned at the funeral ceremony Papercuts General History Confucianism had the 1st influence on Chinese Art
Then Taoism, and then Buddhism; Buddhism had the strongest influence
All the religions stress love for nature
Feeling of the human spirit and the strength of the wind, water, mist and mountains Influence of Dynasties Influence of Religions Three ancient dynasties: Hsia (2000-1600 B.C.), Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 B.C.) and Zhou Dynasty (1122-221 B.C)
Earliest art in China features images of dragons and antlered snakes
The Hsia dynasty=Chinese mythology; founded by King Yu
Zhou Dydnasty: an intellectual movement swept through China that shaped the state and culture.
The most influential of the philosophers was Confucious. Bronze Art Some of the oldest works of art from China are bronze vessels; oldest date back to the Xia dynasty (2200 to 1766 B.C)
Most ritual bronze vessels date back to the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty (1122-221 B.C)
Bronze vessels symbolized rank and often contained references to ancient imperial ethos, culture and music Sculptures The most well known sculptures=Buddhas
The periods of Chinese Buddhist art closely parallel the phases the Buddhist religion was going through in China Each section of China had its own styles
Art associated with festivals, weddings, and funerals was extravagant even among the poor, and vestiges of it can still be seen in Chinese holiday celebrations.
Paper was invented in China, and much folk art using paper was devoted to making shop signs and festival objects
The production of furniture provided some of the finest examples of Chinese folk art Folk Art Pottery Paintings Starting from 600 A.D
First produced on silk and paper
Painted emperors, landscape and zodiac animals, flowers, ladies, and birds Ancient Chinese Art THE END Ritual vessels made of clay
Old and solid
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