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on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of NEBRASKA

From The William Jennings Bryan House to Chimney Rock is 360 miles

From Chimney Rock to The Lincoln Capitol Building is 377 miles

From The Lincoln Capitol Building to Spade Ranch is 367 miles

From Spade Ranch to Joslyn Art Museum is 422 miles

From Joslyn Art Museum to WCE is 540 miles

The total distance traveled is 2066 miles

Nebraska is part of the great plains
Nebraska is the 16th largest state
Nebraska has very large sand dunes, there are only 2 sand dune areas that are larger
Nebraska is 77,538 square miles
Nebraska's sand hills have streams and grass, so they are a great place to raise cattle
Ecomoney and resources
Nebraska has millions of cows
Corn is the biggest crop
Food processing is the biggest manufacturing industry
Nebraska is a state with little unemployment
Nebraska farmers also raise sheep and lambs, broilers, farm chickens, and turkeys.
The capitol is Lincoln
The state abbreviation is NE
Nebraska has 49 senators and 93 couties
There are 2 state senators, Deb Fischer and Mike Johann
There are 3 us representatives

Historical location
By Jannine Eckle
1864- The Kansas-Nebraska act allows Nebraskans to decide if they will allow slavery
1867- Nebraska becomes a state
1930- The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Drought, hit the state
1986- Kay Orr is elected as the first female republican governor in the united states

William Jennings Bryan House
The William Jennings Bryan House located in Lincoln, Nebraska
It was built in 1902
It was declared a national Historic landmark in1963
This building is now owned by the by the BryanLGH health system
Geographic Location
Chimney Rock
The peek of Chimney Rock is 4,226 feet above sea level
The area is 83 acres
Chimney Rock is the most famous feature along the Oregon trail
Native Americans named the rock "Elk Penis
Political Location
Lincoln Capitol building
The capitol building opened in 1932
The capitol Building has a 437 foot square base
The Architect of the capitol building is Bertram Goodhue
The area is 15 acres
There are a total of 15 stories
Economic location
Choice Location
Joslyn Art Museum
The Joslyn art museum is located in Omaha, Nebraska
It was opened in 1931
The Joslyn art museum was a gift for Omaha from Sarah H. Joslyn in memory of her husband
The Joslyn art museum has paintings by very famous european artists

This is a pysical map of Nebraska
a physical map can help you find rivers, creeks, mountains, cities ect
This is a road map of Nebraska
a road map can help you find a route
to get to your destination
This is an elevation map of Nebraska
an elevation map can help you figure out how low or high a place or if it has mountains or plains
Road trip distance
Professional sports teams
I'm sorry but there are currently no professional sports teams in Nebraska

This is a Political maps, political maps are designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties,
Fun facts

The state soft-drink is kool-aid
The state flower is the Goldenrod
The state american folk dance is The Square Dance
Nebraska was once called "The Great American Desert"
The 911 system of emergency communications was developed in Lincoln, Nebraska
The state motto is Equality before the law
Nebraska's State Gem is the Blue Agate
The largest porch swing in the world is located in Hebron, Nebraska and it can sit 25 adults
Nebraska is the "Happiest Place in the Nation"
Nebraska is the 37th state
Nebraska's largest city is Omaha
Nebraska's nickname is The Cornhusker State
Spade Ranch
Spade Ranch is located In the sandhills of Western Nebraska
Spade ranch was founded in 1888 by Barlett Richards
The Spade Ranch has a heard of 60,000 cattle
Spade Ranch was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980
This is Nebraska's state flag

1999- Nebraska becomes the first state to suspend the Capitol Punishment (The Death Penalty)
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